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Can you interpret this embarrassing dream for me?

Asked by Gabby101 (2945points) February 6th, 2013

I have a dream that I have been having for the last two years. I am at a theater, a lecture or a meeting, for example, and am sitting down and then a couple of seconds later the event is over and it is time for everyone to get up and leave. The twist is, the seats we are in are not normal seats, they are also toilets (convenient, right?). In all of my dreams, I have taken advantage of this convenience and have my pants down around my ankles. As people start to leave, I realize I will have to wipe and then stand up and pull up my pants. At first it is not a big deal, because I think I will stand up quickly and no one will see much and that’s the normal process. When I realize that no one else is in this position, I start to feel that I have made a mistake in using the toilet and that people will be talking about the girl who actually used the toilet during the meeting (or whatever) and I will be humiliated. Waiting it out until everyone never seems to be an option. Also, no one ever says anything during the event – even in the case of being in a small meeting sitting around a conference table. I always have a horrible feeling that I have made a mistake and it’s a very vivid feeling.

FYI – I once had a manager who jokingly said he should buy his workers toilets to sit on to increase productivity, so I imagine this is the origin of the toilet/office chair. I just don’t understand why I have it over and over and what it is trying to tell me.

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“To see a toilet in your dream symbolizes a release of emotions. You need to get rid of something in your life that is useless.”

“Dream Mood Dictionary”

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It is difficult to say, not knowing what is going on in your life. But it sounds like a vulnerability of some sort. In relation to perhaps work? Or a feeling of being exposed.

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I suspect it is a dream triggered by your physical need to urinate, but you’re not awake. That’s what happens to me. I look for a ladies’ room and can’t find one until I actually wake up and take care of the matter.

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It sounds like a dream about being shamed or humiliated.

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I agree with @Sunny2. Usually when I need to urinate and am in a deep sleep I start dreaming about places where I can urinate, sometimes I find a toilet get my pants all the way down sit down and then get interrupted. Im positive if I actually peed in my dream I would pee in the bed.

Don’t drink a lot of fluid before bed and make sure you pee before you go to bed, it may help.

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In dream symbolism, a crowded theater slowly emptying is representative of death.

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I think we all have a dream similar to this at some point in our lives. I think you may feel that you are pretty practical in your decision but you fear that others may find it odd and not practical and will talk behind your back.
It feels like its more about feeling insecure about your decision in certain situations.
Are you a bit of a risk taker? Do you take short cuts in the hopes of accomplishing more?

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When I wake up, I don’t need to use the bathroom, so I don’t think it is about urinating. I have had those dreams before, but this is more about the public exposure and less about the physical need to urinate/defecate.

@Pandora, I am not really a short cut kinda person, but I do like your other ideas. I think at work, especially, I fear that I think I am doing the right thing and then it is only when it is too late that I discover that I have misunderstood or that the rules have been misrepresented. I mean the toilets are there to be used, so why should I feel embarrassed? I have had some setbacks in my career and am starting to doubt myself. I guess this is the manifestation. Thanks for helping me work that out! @Shippy and @janbb – same thoughts, thanks!

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Well, if that is the cause than you have to work in resolving your issues. Obviously it is something that is seriously bothering you and so it manifest in your dream. Maybe you should speak to your supervisor about being clear on issues before following through. Sit with him or her and let them know that you could use some assistance from them on how to improve your productivity.
Don’t going in saying they explained it all wrong or it was their fault for changing things. Please ask to be kept informed on any changes so that you can give a better performance. If it is with co-workers than let them know that you would appreciate they inform you as soon as possible since the message sometimes doesn’t get to you.
Once you resolve it, your dream should stop. Your dream may also be trying to tell you to shit or get off the pot.

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I also think you are afraid of “getting caught with your pants down” or being humiliated. Possibly you are worried about being unprepared for school or work and someone realizing you are not caught up on the materials or have not completed your work. Maybe feeling pressures in life and you are worried someone will find out you aren’t perfect. Are you feeling insecure in your waking life?

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Maybe you’d like to do the exercise where you ask the toilet, your pants, the room, the other people, etc. to speak to you in a dialogue.
Example: You: Why are you in this auditorium? Toilet: What do you think? so you can poop. You: Really? Do I have to? In front of everyone? Toilet: That’s up to you to decide. You have the option. You: I don’t wanta. Toilet: Why not? Now my feelings are hurt. You: What? Why? Toilet: Because now I feel useless. You (noticing this): Damn, I feel useless too.
Just an example. (This is me projecting.) The idea is that everything in the dream represents yourself. So talk to the things in the dream to find out what yourself is feeling.
Jung, Jung, Jung….

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