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How do I change the Home Page in IE?

Asked by marinelife (61731points) February 6th, 2013

Suddenly, it is (gag) AOL. How do I change it back?

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Go here

Click “Download Chrome”.


Alternately, To change your home page if you insist on using that horrendous browser…

Make sure you’ve closed all open tabs, then open Internet Explorer for the desktop.

Tap or click Tools, and then tap or click Internet options.

Under the General tab, enter the web address of your new home page, and then tap or click Apply.

You’ll need to restart both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer for the desktop to see your new home page. You can change your home page at any time, or set up multiple home pages that will open in separate tabs.

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You use IE? Can I suggest Chrome, or Safari, or Firefox, or Opera, or Rockmelt or….?

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OK I don’t use IE. I use Mozilla Firefox, but I have one client who has a mail system that only runs on IE so I keep it around for that.

@Seek_Kolinahr How do I open IE for the desktop?

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In IE, there should be a cog (almost a circle, but not quite) that you can click on that will take you to Tools or you can hit Alt + x. Once you do that, choose Internet Options. The first tab you see should be General, if not hit that tab to bring it to the front. There you will see a Home Page box where I would guess you will see www.AOLcom, or something similar. You can delete that web address and replace it with whatever you want. If you enter a website and then hit enter and enter another site (so it’s on the next line), every time you open IE, those two pages will open, but on different tabs.

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Thank you @Gabby101. That worked finally!

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I would also think back to when the home page was changed to AOL – that should not happen all of a sudden, and might be a symptom of spyware or something. If you installed anything shady around the same time, Google around to try and find out how you can remove it and all the cruft it brings along.

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If you want to setup google.comas your home page, you can go go and then click on general settings and there is this option of setting it as your page. Click on that. Similarly if you want to set any other search engine you have to go to settings of particular search engine and click on the option of setting up home page

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