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Why do old people have the EXACT same old-people smell?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) June 10th, 2008
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They don’t… I smelled my four grandpa and grandma and they all smelled different. Everyone has their own escence, even old people..

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I just asked this

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cheeb, sorry for the duplicate question

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I think some people refer to that as the moth ball thing…
I used to work at a bank and I could swear they all had that same stuffy smell. They weren’t my grandparents so I didn’t get up close and personal so I could try to differentiate! LOL

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It could be the bad-teeth thing. Gum problems. Young people don’t have this
problem and therefore this funky scent. It’s not sharply aggressively horrible but it smells a bit dead and is not nice. I have to be really, really careful
with cleaning my mouth because I kiss my grandbaby a lot and I want her to like it.
And she gives very wet intimate kisses so i can’t dodge.

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