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I know we're so open minded here but why would a man do this?

Asked by Aster (18382points) February 7th, 2013

A grown man, a friend of friends whom I’ve never met, had a happy face, in yellow, permanently tattooed on his forehead. They say when you’re talking to him you find yourself staring at the happy face as much as at his real face. Why do you think someone would do this? You’d have to have awfully thick bangs to cover it up in , say, fifteen years.

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That’s what I call being so open-minded your brains drop out.

I don’t understand facial tattoos at all.

Want to be really wierded out? Read about the girl who let her new boyfriend tattoo his name All across her face 24 hours after they met.

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He wanted to make a statement.

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I have no objections to the term, “stupid” @Seek_Kolinahr . Now she looks like a monster.

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@marinelife And that statement would be…? That he’s an idiot?

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@livelaughlove21 I did not say the statement that he actually made is the one that he had in mind, but he did make a statement.

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@marinelife Okay, but the question is what statement could he possibly think he was making?

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Was he with the Hangover guys the night before?

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I think he simply found it amusing. He’ll never be mistaken for Einstein.

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Why do women get breast implants that are grotesquely large?

Same idea. Same answer.

TO get attention. Probably based on insecurity.

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Its for attention.
I remember reading about a bald guy who got a full english breakfast tattooed on the top of his head!
Whatever tickles your pickle.

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Why would someone have a yellow smiley-face tattooed on his forehead? So that after he tires of his “statement,” knows that he looks ridiculous, and realizes that nobody will hire him, he can spend the rest of his life regretting what he’s done.

Yes, I know that there are laser methods for tattoo removal. But, such procedures are painful, expensive, require multiple treatments, and may scar. Also, the results are very mixed. Sometimes, the ink morphs into a less distinct blob and is only partially removed.

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What was he thinking? Probably not, at least not at the time.

If I did that I would want it done it some kind of “Mood Ring” in so everyone would know how I really felt. :)

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It looks like this Toumaniantz guy really likes to be in the news…

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Is it true tho’? Since you haven’t met the man? I think we could all do with one of those tattoos :)

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Maybe he just wants you to Have a Nice Day.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Wow that’s freakin’ crazy. I hope they never break up.

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Why would a man do that to his face?

Because clearly he must be rich enough to never have to worry about getting a job to make a living like the rest of us would be my guess.

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I doubt if they think about the future much. I think they make impulsive decisions. I think their social calculus is more about being different and unique than about being socially acceptable or getting a job in a normal industry. I think they are rolling the dice because they figure they have no other way to make it, and there really is no downside if this doesn’t work out. They probably think it can’t get any worse than it already is.

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