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Are there any schools that allow spoken essays instead of typed or handwriten Assignments for High School diploma exams (details inside)?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 7th, 2013

For example in Alberta somepeople are allowed to type on a computer for English 30 -1 diploma exam if they have a broken wrist. So when will someone be able to complete an entire essay question orally in Alberta?

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I don’t know about Alberta but in the school that I was involved in for many years (in Philadelphai, PA.), if a student had an official diagnosis of dyslexia or other learning disability,s/he could take untimed tests and also oral exams instead of written ones.

Talk to the Dean of Students or other official to discover policy and perhaps, if you are persuasive, to establish new ones.

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Or send the child to an alternative school where such things are the policy.

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Hard to say because A) I’m not from that part of Canada (or any other part for that matter – although I do have relatives there) and B) uncertain as to what establishments of education would actually permit that myself.
I would think with the advent and constant improvement of speech recognition it will be possible at some point in the future – if not now – to be able to do that, but where I don’t know.

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