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Is there a movie that you enjoyed but never want to see again?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) February 7th, 2013

What is it, and why do you never want to see the movie again?

For me it’s… Soylent Green. I saw it about ten years ago, and remember it was powerful and beautifully made… But it was so creepy, from the premise of the oceans dying to the way that people volunteer to dispatch themselves… to the ending. I got the message, and I never need to see it again!

Inspired by this question and this one.

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I’ve never experienced that feeling. If I like somehing I want to experience it again. Movies books, I always do them more than once.

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Schindler’s List (I bawled like a baby), Titanic (Uh, too long), Men In Black (too dumb)- that’s all I can think of for now.

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A lot really. But strange. Can’t think of any right now. I’ll be back.

Ok…thought of one before my editing window expired. Superman Returns
( Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey )

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The English Patient

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Lincoln. Absolutely beautifully made, from the pre-electric lighting, to the costumes, the make-up, to the uniformly excellent acting. It’ll deserve any Oscars it gets. But once was enough.

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Pretty much all of them. With the exception of a handful of beloved films, once I’ve seen it once – I’m all done. I usually see movies as a singular experience and move on.

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“Peggy Sue Got Married.” Loved it on one viewing, but it brought up too many bitter-sweet memories.

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This can’t happen with me, if I enjoyed it then by definition, i’d want to have that experience again, never is an awful long time.

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I snuck into Borat. Best movie ticket I never bought for exactly this question.

Gardens of the Night is chilling and awful but very well done.

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Into Great Silence I’m very used to sitting for long periods of time in silence, but I don’t think even I could manage a reprise of this movie. Beautiful though.

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A Clockwork Orange
The Exorcist

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Almost everything by M. Knight Shayamalan. Love, love, LOVE his movies, but after you know that Bruce Willis is dead, the rest of the movie loses its mystery.

Oddly enough, I can watch Seven over and over, and it never gets old.

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It would be easier to name the movies I want to see again.

Never mind. I can’t think of any of them. Well maybe I’d see the Godfather again. It’s been a while and I’ve forgotten what it was like. And Dr. Zhivago…. not sure. It’s so long. Worth the time? It’s been a long time, and you know, I wish there were an x-rated version.

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Boys Don’t Cry. It was hard to watch the first time.

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@tinyfaery Oh yes!

“The English Patient” was the first one that came to my mind.

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Chariots of Fire. Good movie, but I have no interest in seeing it again.

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These ‘tearjerker’ movies. For example, A Walk to Remember, Dear John, The Vow, My Sister’s Keeper. None of these made me cry. They’re good movies, but for me they’re so overly praised and overrated so I was let down by them, and henceforth don’t want to see them again.

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Monster’s Ball. Fantastic film; too damn sad to actually want to watch.

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Yes. 95% of them.

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A Serbian Film, The Seventh Seal and Das Boot
These are beautifully made films (in my opinion, of course), and I refuse to rewatch them again because I feel like every time you watch a film, it loses its charm every time you watch it. I have watched Shaun of the Dead over 100 times, and I am just tired of it. I will not speak to anyone who quotes/references it.

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@Michael_Huntington : Well then, you don’t have red on you. I’ve only seen it once for what it’s worth!

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Life is Beautiful

Great film, but once was enough.

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Titanic. I enjoyed it so much in the theater that I went out and purchased a copy. That copy is still sitting, unopened, in its original shrink wrap in my entertainment cabinet. Every now and then, I pick it up and think about about popping it in the player but I always decide against it. It’s like I have developed some strange aversion to ever watching it again.

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I find that a lot of Academy Award movies I like and have nothing really against them, but they’re just too serious or too long for me to watch again. For example, currently Life of Pi and Lincoln.

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Schindler’s List is the only one I can think of that I would never want to see again. It affected me on a much deeper level than I would have expected possible. I’m not sure I can say I “enjoyed” it but I am glad that I saw it.

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