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What is a red bathrobe that is sure to please this Valentine's Day?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) February 7th, 2013

After taking some time thinking what to give her as a Valentine gift, I finally zeroed in on getting her a new one. During winter, she wears it around for long periods, even in bed. I’m guessing, she might like getting one in red, a color we both like.

Please go into specific brands and material. Thanks.

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Personally, I’d like something super soft. But, that’s not necessarily sexy.

What kind of a look are you going for?

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^^ Rich red, long, stylish looking and yes, super soft. Don’t know what makes for a super soft robe. Cotton? Polyester? : )

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I would look for red velour.

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I have the hardest time finding a robe I like. It seems the options are either long, huge and puffy (Help me, I’m drowning in my bathrobe!) or short, synthetic, and either unbreathable or too breathable and thus pointless.

I’d like a robe made of almost t-shirt fabric, maybe a little thicker. Not flannel – that’s too hot. Light enough to not be cumbersome, but substantial enough to keep the cool air off.

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Here’s one made for either around the house or sleeping.
When in doubt, Lands End usually comes through,
But they have several other styles as well as materials, apparently all available with a red color option.


This material might suit your needs as well :)

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There are so many styles of robes, it is difficult to ge it right. First, do you want a bathrobe, as you said, or a housecoat? A bathrobe should be Terrycloth. If you want something cozy, there is a fabric called Minki cuddle plush, and I love my housecoat that is made from that.

This designer robe looks very nice.

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^^^Good find. I like that it is 100% cotton. That, silk, or fleece for me.

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Here is a beautiful red velour robe.

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I have the softest, plushiest deep garnet red bathrobe ever. It’s actually called the Sweetest Softest Bathrobe on Earth and I got it at Bath and Body Works. I’m not sure they still make them, but you can find them on Ebay (new) and other sites.

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