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What personality traits do you find attractive?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9815points) February 7th, 2013

When I look at the friends and relationships I have had through the years, I can see what personality traits I am drawn towards. All of my friends have been extroverts, very self-confident – sometimes even cocky. I am drawn to those who are almost always happy and are optimistic. What personality traits do you find yourself drawn towards?

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Top 3

Humor & a quick and playful wit

Recipe for the perfect human

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I agree with what has been said so far and I want to add genuine charm, charisma – unbeatable!

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I like the above, but I also want some steel in the character mixed with gentleness and sweetness.

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Sense of humor

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Sense of humor
and the ability to tolerate me.

In that order.

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Traits that score highest with me are:

* Kindness
* Compassion
* Intelligence
* Independence

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Analytical, deep, thoughtful, compassionate and playful.

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Hard working

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Well shit…we should all start a commune. lol

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Ha-ha! I noticed that “intelligence” is the key word here. I wish girls that act dumb because they think it’s attractive would read this.

For myself, I agree with the charisma, as @ZEPHYRA said, and steel, as @Adirondackwannabe mentioned. A person’s outer appearance doesn’t matter if they have that charismatic sparkle. And for me, it is really a turn-off if the person is a “wimp.”

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My friends are very kind, funny, smart and like to go-go-go all the time.

It’s important to me that they are personally responsible, law abiding, and love God (regardless of behavior or church going or any qualifiers.)

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Yes, I love charisma too, so many deadly serious and morose types. Ugh!

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The female equivalent to myself… Very bland and boring

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Religious Honest Wise Peaceful Playful

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Ability to have fun

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Sense of Humor

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level temperament
sense of humor

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I like logical people. In my relationships I need someone who can take a situation and think about in a logical way in order to find a simple solution. Often times, I over complicate things in my head. I admire someone who has the ability to think clearly in tough situations. I also really like funny people because they make me happy. They are generally more happy and shine a little bit more, inside and out. I also find it attractive when a person has a very good word sense. I like when some has an extended vocabulary and can communicate their ideas more thoroughly. I know that my answers are a little bit different than what everybody else is posting, but it is just my opinion.

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What is the logical reason for having a sideways avatar image? ;-)

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Haha Brian is my favorite douche.

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As far as friendships go, I like confident, but not necessarily cocky. Someone who can make and maintain good conversation, but will shut up and listen sometimes. As well as someone who doesn’t always have to be the center of attention.

As far as a relationship goes I like someone to be sexually aggressive who will tell me when and how they want it.

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A great sense of the absurd
Logical reasoning
The ability to find joy in the small things in life
Practical and whimsical at the same time
Some one like me

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@Sunny2 Yes, the world needs more little miss sunshines. :-)

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@Coloma A little miss sunshine, I’m not. That’s only one side of me. I’m attracted to that side of myself in others because they bring my better side out. I won’t discuss the other side.

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@Brian1946 My avatar image is sideways because I uploaded it via my phone and that was the default setting. I don’t know how to change it.

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@Carinaponcho Ohhh, once again, knowledge spoils the mystery.

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I appreciate you giving me a logical reason for it being sideways. I thought that perhaps you wanted the 270ยบ rotation.

If you like, I can change it for you, show you how to change it, or just stop bothering you about it (if I want to stay out of trouble). ;-p

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@Brian1946 Thank you, but for now I would just like to leave it. It doesn’t really bother me that much.

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Asking questions. I have a hard time dealing with new people who ask almost no questions. But if they do I find that very attractive. Of course I remind myself to ask an appropriate amount of questions as well.

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Intelligence, maturity, open-mindedness, straightforwardness, bluntness.

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