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When you reach a revolving door with a woman you don't know, is it proper etiquette to let her go first as usual? Or do you go first and push the door for her?

Asked by esayexohen (60points) June 10th, 2008

females…..... what do you think?

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I just went through one of these the other day showing my five yr. old how it works (he didn’t know what to think). I have found most of them move quite easily and smoothly. I think, as always, it is proper to let the lady go first. Chivalry is NOT dead though sometimes I wonder!

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I would let the lady go first and push from behind.

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i have an unnatural obsession with revolving doors. so i would want the guy to go in the different compartment all together so i can pretend i am 5 years old again. but i am pretty sure that’s just me.

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Yeah, I think esayexohen meant that the guy would follow in the next compartment… but we see where your mind is! LOL

BTW, ladies first!

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ladies go first, and just a touch push so the door won’t push the lady’s behind… Once I did it too hard and it ended up pushing her from behind, she looked back at me and immediately I apologized

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I always let her go first but make sure she doesnt need to push

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i’d go in with her….

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If it were me , I would think it was sweet if the guy let me go first.

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I don’t like going into revolving doors with another person. I always worry they will push too fast and the door will hit me. Maybe I should copy and paste this answer into the phobia thread!

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I would let the lady go first and control the door, helping if she needed it and then, once out go in.

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You are such a gentleman!!

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Oh stop. hehe. When I was in third grade we lived on a street that had no sidewalks. This girl who had a crush on me at the time walked by to pick me up. As we left my mom called me back and told me “you always walk on the street side of a lady”. I said “why” and she said “it’s the polite thing to do”. That was the way I was raised. I should also mention that the two reasons I heard you actually do walk on the street side: 1. In the old days the second floor apartments would throw their trash and empty their chamber pots out the window. The men would walk on the street side to take the hit so to speak. 2. With cars, the same reason.

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