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Are my fellow fluterites aware that the Supreme Court is going to decide if Law Enforcement can take a DNA sample without a Warrant ?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7728points) February 7th, 2013

The Supreme Court is going to decide if the government can do this by the end of February, according to this Link

To me, this is carrying ‘Warrantless’ intrusions into our private lives into a whole new dimension.

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I think it’s ridiculous and a violation. Note they list ‘pre-arrest’ there so the majority of the population will say “it’s just criminals”, but where does it go from there. No thanks.

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Not any worse than being able to strip search innocent people on a whim, or random drug test with people losing their jobs over occasional marijuana use.
Big brothers foot just keeps wedging itself further and further into the door jam of our lives and has been for decades. Nothing new or surprising really.

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Well it was revealed last week that the justice department had issued a memo stating that extrajudicial killing of US citizens suspected of being terrorists is probably OK so getting the odd DNA sample from innocent people should pose them no moral headache.

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What is the difference between DNA and fingerprinting? They are just using it for identification.

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Do you think – even for a second – that this isn’t already taking place? Of course it is. It has been going on for as long as DNA testing has been available, and it will continue even if the Supreme Court finds it unconstitutional.

It’s like all the other invasive laws – wiretapping, reading your email, and so on… that take place every minute of every day.

Much ado about nothing, here.

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You are surprised?
While you were imagining it was all about who gets taxed, and who can marry whom, this is what is really happening.
Good for you for paying attention.

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It currently goes on in 27 states, @elbanditoroso, as a requirement after an arrest. Let me ask this. If you are arrested for a crime and you know you are innocent, are you going to cry foul because they ask you for a DNA sample before the trial?

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@bkcunningham , knowing that you are innocent has not prevented very many from being convicted…. especially if they have a ‘Court appointed attorney’. Unfortunately for most of us, being able to afford a competent attorney is out of reach.

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@zenvelo That is the same argument as “if you are not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t worry about it”? I do worry, Why not take the opposite tack. Why not say the gov. has no right to target you UNLESS you are doing anything wrong?

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