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Are you obliged to tell your boss that you got arrested?

Asked by mike_br (36points) February 7th, 2013

Just came accross this site after not managing to get a useful answer on yahoo answers…If anyone knows this I’d really appreciate your feedback as I’m totally clueless about this..Few hours ago I had lunch with my girlfriend and she was supposed to drive back to her work but some time ago she called me…from jail?!?... telling me that she was stopped for some sort of traffic violation and that apparently her license is suspended without her knowing it and she says she’s been arrested and she has to stay there until tomorrow morning to see some sort of judge or magistrate and then she can post bail. That’s all I know and I’m just shell shocked, I mean she’s only been my gf for a month but she has a professional job working as a business analyst in a bank, graduated from a good university 3 years ago, I met her family, all respectable people, so I really didn’t expect this. Questions:

(1) What the heck do I tell her work cause she told me to call them and tell them she won’t be back in today or tomorrow morning (obviously…)? Will they be notified that she was arrested or can I make an excuse about her having had some health problem or something?
(2) If she posts bail tomorrow morning do they let her out immediately so she can make it to work later in the day or do they take her back to jail for processing her out, so should I tell work that she’ll miss the whole day tomorrow or only the morning?
(3) If I go to the jail today and bring some warm clothes is there any way to have them pass them on to her cause I remember she only had a skirt and no hose when we had lunch and it’s freezing out…
(4) Does it make sense to have to see a judge before posting bail for as little as a suspended or revoked (no longer sure which she said) license or is it maybe something more serious she didn’t tell me?

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