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Photo Quiztion1: Whadizzit!? [Details Inside].

Asked by rebbel (24843points) February 7th, 2013

I post a photo that I took.
Can you tell me what (you think) it is?
The winner wins!

I have an easier version of the same picture, in case this one will prove to difficult to guess.

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It looks like a cake with multiple erections.

HolographicUniverse's avatar

It looks like a cake or a boiling substance
Then again it looks like an art project with paint or clay

Bellatrix's avatar

Bubbling milk?

tedibear's avatar

Owl statues covered with some kind of plastic or polymer sheet.

chyna's avatar

Obviously it’s little jedi’s.

filmfann's avatar

The 2012 Republican National Convention.

rebbel's avatar

If it is of any help I don’t know, but one of the above Jellies is pretty close(-ish).
I go to bed soon, so I will unveil the answer tomorrow.
Or, if so ordered, I will post the easier version first.

FutureMemory's avatar

A plastic mold of some kind?

Bellatrix's avatar

Paint being agitated to mix it up?

HolographicUniverse's avatar

It has to be bubbling milk or a paint project.
The ripples suggest the former but the texture suggests the latter. be paint bubbles?
But then the edge of the photo indicates it’s not within a pot so it could be a cake, hmm well now i’m anxious to know….

Bellatrix's avatar

The corner got me too. It looks like paint being agitated though. Boiling milk would involve steam.

HolographicUniverse's avatar

Ah, you’re right. That would have to be the answer (especially considering the bubble at the top right) That would be my guess

Sunny2's avatar

It’s Neptune (at the bottom) and all his little jellies. Note the teeny tentacles at the bottom of each little body.

rebbel's avatar

Well, since @HolographicUniverse and @Bellatrix are very close I will show the other photo (of the same object).

Jeruba's avatar

Paint can lid?

Bellatrix's avatar

@HolographicUniverse we get to share a pair of holographic cheese and chocolate clogs.

Sunny2's avatar

I stand by my answer. Look again. Sure as you can find pictures of Jesus in a tortilla, you can find a god and all his children in that picture!

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Is it paint that dried while it was dripping?

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I was almost certain it was this from the first picture.Now I’m not so sure but it could still be depending on how you covered the speaker.

FutureMemory's avatar

“The winner wins!”


Bellatrix's avatar

@FutureMemory – I know. Exciting isn’t it. The ‘winner wins’...

I can’t wait to see what Rebbel’s next Quiztion picture is. I hope you have one planned @rebbel.

blueiiznh's avatar

Paint can lid…...

diavolobella's avatar

Looks like pancake batter in mid mixer motion

jodissimo's avatar

It is the lid to a can of paint. The drips have dried and the lid is inverted.

Sunny2's avatar

Oh, come on. Does no one see the picture in it that I see?

wildpotato's avatar

A cake with frosting ghosts?

susanc's avatar

It’s a photograph of when God was first trying to figure out how to make owls but he hadn’t finished experimenting. He thought at first that he could make them out of paint, but it was too floppy.

rebbel's avatar

It was indeed a paint can lid.
Congratulatioms to those who have won!

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What did you see, @Sunny2? Souls in purgatory?

Sunny2's avatar

^^^ See above.

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