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4x5 print signed moses of a snow scene with a river and a train #251 on back?

Asked by mingoreign (1points) February 7th, 2013

can you tell me the value of a print signed moses. in a 4×5 frame with the #251 on the back of the cardboard and it also says
A Lambert Prod on back

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Welcome to Fluther! Any chance you can take a photo of your print and give us a link so we can see what it looks like . . . ?

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It should say #251 of 300 (or so), were it a limited edition. If you don’t have the second number, then it’s definitely an open edition. Hang it, light it, and enjoy some warm cookies with a good friend. #251 is very high. Best collectors are earliest numbers, or last numbers closest to limit of edition. Open editions are only valuable if the artist becomes famous later, or after death.

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