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Have you ever met someone in real life that you met via fluther? How did it go?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 7th, 2013

Or even realize one of the people you talked to on fluther was someone you already knew by chance. If you would like to give names (fluther names, not real ones) feel free to.

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Several times! I know 5 people on Fluther from pre-Fluther days: Fly, mangeons, and laineybug are my children. I went to high school with JLeslie. Imboden (who is never here) is an ex-boyfriend from my teenage years.

Then there are the people I’ve met through Fluther: marinelife, janbb, chyna, mcbealer, and an ex-jelly: JillTheTooth. I feel like I am missing someone…Ack!

All of the meetings have gone very well. I love to meet jellies!

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My sister is a Jelly, if that counts :)

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I’ve met Allie, blumukaki, Ivan, kenmc, PnL, and shrubbery.

It’s been a long time since I answered a question on here.

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@J0E! Nice to see you. :)

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I was gonna meet Zensky maybe, but he’s not coming, after all.

I met someone who was on here for maybe two weeks at my invitation. I knew her from Askville. We’re still friends and talk regularly, although she is not maintaining any kind of online presence any more.

I also had another friend from Askville who also came over here for a while. We had a phone relationship for a month or so, but that relationship flamed out pretty dramatically. That was during the time I was really sick. Later on, we became buds again, which was kind of interesting. I like when things normalize after having been out of control.

My relationships always start out of control. When I like someone, I can’t hold back. It usually does not work out well, but that’s the way I am and my emotions usually burn so hot there isn’t a thing I can do about it. I don’t even try to control it. It’s useless. Most people think I’m nuts and after a couple of weeks of intensely getting to know me, they want nothing more to do with me. From the feedback I get, I’m pretty sure most people here can understand that.

Only a very few of my online relationships move on to something more even-keeled. I suspect that the reason so few end up in a normal friendship has partly to do with being online and the abnormality of meeting people online, and the rest has to do with my personality.

Since my personality tends to drive people away fairly quickly, I don’t get into any serious trouble. The odd thing is that I actually don’t really like spending time with most people. It is really wearing. I guess I have bad filters. I can’t keep things at a normal level. Either I’m totally on, or totally off. Not much in between except when I ride herd on myself as hard as I can. As you might imagine, that’s pretty draining.

It’s hard to find people I can cut loose with. I meet people online and glom onto them enthusiastically, but then it quickly becomes clear we aren’t who we thought each other was, and it’s over. Kind of too bad. They are all really nice people. But I don’t think the internet can sustain the intensity necessary to form a lasting relationship. I dunno. Interesting question.

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I sleep with a jelly. :D

Good to see you @J0E.

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Oh that’s so cool that auggie & JLeslie went to school together!
I haven’t yet met a jelly in real life, but I would like to!

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Oh, gawd. What’s her user name now? Mama Cakes? She’s a whack-job. Stay away from her.

Really, she’s great. We had fun.

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This was one of the easiest questions I have answered.

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Not that I’m aware of. Who would really know? We could Fluther with someone we see in the supermarket every day!

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Not yet. Still hoping for the Jelly Convention. Florida’s great this time of year!

Well, it’s pretty much the same any time of year.

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If I overheard a conversation involving random strangers in a queue or whatever & they were talking about fluther, I think i’d shit my pants right there on the spot.
Sure, it’s an over reaction, but it has some grain of truth to it.

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Nope, well kind off, well no, but now that I think about it and your question… umm no

so confused

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You mean jellies are…...... real people?

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Yes, as Auggie said above, I’ve met her, Marinelife, Janbb, and Jillthetooth in real life. Great weekend in the woods! I saw Auggies whip in real life.

What did @blueiiznh say?

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@blueiiznh What are you confused about? I’ll try to explain it better.

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Yes, two. Most recently I met janbb just last Sunday, which was lovely. @ucme is my nearest living Jelly, so there’s the slightest chance that when I was actively playing concerts over his way we may have driven past each other…

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Fucking women drivers! ;¬}

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@ucme – right now?

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Snow angel time!!!!!

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@Seek_Kolinahr “She drives me crazy…whoo-hoo.”

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I’ve met @janbb from Fluther.

I have many friends whom I’ve met on social network sites, and that is how I met my fianc√©... all told, the number of those whom I’ve met up with in person must exceed 30 by now.

One of my “if I won the Lottery” fantasies would be to travel around and meet all my online friends in person.

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I have a number of family who are members here. However, of course I knew them before Fluther.

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I feel like this thread is “Six Degrees of Janbb.” I do get around on my slippery little belly!

I’ve met Andrew, Ben, skfinkel, marinelife, chyna, augustlan, JilltheTooth, colin (a former Jelly and current son), and last Sunday, traveled to England just to meet darling harple for lunch.

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@janbb So how do you end up meeting so many of the “flutherites” on here?

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Well, I came to Fluther initially because my son was friends with Andrew and Ben at Brown so I heard about it from its inception. The others I have met with since becoming Jelly friends through travels to their parts of the world and a weekend in West Virginia that a few of us arranged.

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@janbb Cool. I almost got to meet a friend I had made on answerbag when I was in London, but every time I tried to get into contact with her, she made excuse after excuse, so I took the hint and we no longer talk.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal‘s comment made me think of this Plus, he’s touring here at the moment.

@janbb when you coming to my place for lunch

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@Bellatrix Next convenient iceberg, I’m so there!

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@Bellatrix That song was tragic. I’d rather be “Rick Rolled.”

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:D @Self_Consuming_Cannibal I agree but since your comment led to it entering my brain as an ear worm – I felt I had to share.

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@Bellatrix Well thanks. A little “audio-rape” is acceptable from time to time. LOL

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Never met anyone in person but have talked with a couple on the phone and I sent some of my homegrown morning glory seeds to Milo so he can plant some summer vines for @gailcalled. :-)

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@coloma Are you sure those “homegrown” seeds are really morning glory seeds? lol

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^^^ Yes, but I have many seeds in my larder. lol
Coloma happy seed! :-)

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Actually, Morning Glory seeds are highly hallucinogenic. haha

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No I haven’t, and it worked out just fine, because even though no jelly showed up, I never went anyway. ;-p

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@Coloma I know that morning glory seeds are highly hallucinogenic. I had a cousin crush some up and snort them. He had to go to the hospital and they had to stop his heart because they said it would explode if they didn’t. He was laying in his hospital bed reaching up into the empty air and said to my uncle, “Hey would you grab that cheeseburger up there for me?”

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@Coloma Yeah, it was pretty scary, but he made it.

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