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Calvin and Hobbes, the Far Side, or Peanuts?

Asked by esayexohen (60points) June 10th, 2008

Bill Waterson, Gary Larson, or Charles Schultz?

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Far Side- Gary Larson

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its close between the first two…anyone who says Peanuts might be that sweet friend says huh? when someone makes a witty joke.

I think I’ve received more laughter from Far Side though more thought from Calvin and Hobbes…slight nod to FS.

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Bill Waterson Calvin and Hobbes was awesome. I was so sad when it ended because how much i loved it so I framed the last comic.

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Charlie Brown has always touched something I identify with. The alienation, loneliness, and never getting a Valentine.

I finally did find my love and best friend – we’ve been together 18 years – but that formative core Charlie Brown-ness is still there.

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Peanuts…loved Linus. Now I have my own little Linus! :-)

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Calvin and Hobbes!!!

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The Far Side – Gary Larson
That man had a twisted mind, I loved it!

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Far Side!

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Peanuts for me… see here

Wait… see here for far side

and here

How can I choose?

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LOL…ptb! Nice pics…

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Bloom County!

But from those choices: Calvin and Hobbes.

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Calvin and Hobbes for the win!

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Far Side. I knew a guy who had a Far Side calendar and he taped each day’s page to his office wall. After a few years, His entire wall was Far Side!! he finally had to take it down because when clients came into his office for meetings, he used to see them looking beyond him and grinning.. not paying a bit of attention to what he was saying!

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Calvin and Hobbes

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Far Side: “Well, if it isn’t my favorite couple of slimebags. Honey, the Worthingtons are here.”

Second, Calvin & Hobbes, especially the Snow Men series.

@cprevite Love Bloom County too.

Other greats: Non Sequitur and my current fave, Pearls Before Swine

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It’s wierd I just read a book by Bill Watersn speaking about writing Calvin and Hobbes and it practically ruined the comic for me. Charles schultz is an Icon and although he went through is Family circus “not me” years where every thing was snoopy wanting a cookie I love the peanuts start to finish. and the Far Side is in a league by itself. A true original. I can’t pick one over the other because they are really so unique from one another.

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@Bri_L OK, you can’t leave us hanging. How did it almost ruin C&H for you?

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Oh sorry, my mind ran ahead. he was so stolid and methodical in his approach. There was almost no whimsy or child like innocence in the description of his inspiration or his process. When he spoke of his ideas or interaction with his fans he spoke as if the whole thing was a constant burden. It got so when I went to read the comic I only heard his tone in my head.

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A book not to recommend.

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yeah. It was at the front of one of the compelations. I would NOT recommend it.

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@Marina: Yeah. I really miss that Penguin. And Bill the Cat.
Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho seems to be the successor to Bloom County
@Bri L: That’s too bad about Bill Waterson’s book. Sometimes it’s best not to see behind the scenes.

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@cprevite – you got that right.

@ cprevite and marina Long live Bloom County.

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Calvin and Hobbes!

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Calvin and Hobbes peanuts second

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In this order:

1. Far Side
2. Calvin & Hobbes
3. Peanuts

Speaking of comics, I regret to inform everyone that Opus is gonna die soon…

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Peanuts any day! Happiness is a warm puppy!

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Awww I love Peanuts. Mark Shultz all the way.

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