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Do universities ever reopen when they're closed due to weather?

Asked by Fluthyou (673points) February 8th, 2013

I live in Canada my university closed as of 6:00 AM due to bad weather, I need to do something non-class related but very important at 1:00 PM, do they ever reopen the same day when they’re closed?

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This storm looks like a monster. I don’t think they’ll reopen today. Stay safe.

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If they’ve closed for the day, they almost certainly won’t be reopening. That’s the point of announcing that they’re closed. You should be safe.

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They’re fully closed right now, offices and everything. You’re all right though they likely won’t reopen. That’s a shame.

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Probably not.

But, if it is non class related you still might be able to do it. Depending on what building you need to get into.

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I have never heard of any institution that closed for snow in the morning deciding to reopen. Not to say it couldn’t happen, but I would be very surprised. I don’t think it would be good business, either. Unless the giant snowstorm never showed up.

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No, generally not. I would plan on doing it next week.

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Very doubtful. If you want confirmation from the university, try looking for the security desk’s phone number on the university website. They’ll be able to tell you what access you have to campus facilities, if any.

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I doubt they will reopen this week.

There is a difference between delays and closings. This isn’t a delay.

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@Fluthyou they won’t open today. The staff will have been sent home. I would watch the university website for updates. Whatever you needed to do at 1pm isn’t worth risking your safety.

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It’s Canada… security is probably there. They’re probably just closing because 98% of staff, faculty, and students would be late for everything due to heavy snowfall. I’m guessing safety is less of an issue.

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