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How big where the holes in the Titanic's hull made by the iceberg?

Asked by VanBantam (161points) June 10th, 2008

Yeah my girlfriend made me watch Titanic the other day. Well we got to talking and started wondering how much water was flowing into the boat. Well I’m the kind of guy who likes to calculate these things so I was wondering how big the holes were in her hull.

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It likely was not just the breach in the hull that was the Titanic’s downfall.

The bulkheads were built so that water could flow over the top into adjacent compartments.

Also there has been widespread discussion that the company bought cheap sup- par rivets which may have contributed to the sinking.

Overall the design and materials were a major contributing factor to her sinking.

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for a highly scientific video check out and search for the post with titanic in it. There is a video about this

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