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Have you ever thought of a great idea for a film?

Asked by flutherother (27093points) February 8th, 2013

A famous producer is going to make a film based on an idea of yours. What film would you like him to make?

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It’s under wraps, make me a fortune one day & i’m not sharing it with you buggers.

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A human is born on a tiny planet in an unfathomably large universe. He grows up perpetually waiting for something – life, meaning, or something – only to learn that there is nothing to wait for. And while he had been waiting, life had been going on all around him and he missed it. He spends the remaining years of his life struggling to connect with the present moment, and struggles with the concept of impermanence in such a profound way that sadness flavors his interactions with the most important people in his life. And in a fraction of a blink of an eye – in terms of the age of the universe – he is gone, soon to be followed by everyone and everything he loved. Then the planet is engulfed by its star.
The End

(It’s a comedy.)

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Coloma Unchained.
A hippie chick in the woods seeks retribution for the vicious slaying of her beloved geese by a fowl assassin who then ends up her prisoner in the torture barn of doom.
Forced to sleep naked on hard rubber stall mats with only a thin covering of pine shavings and eating cracked corn out of a feed bag strapped to his face and drinking from a bucket. After he is finally completely broken in spirit he repents for his cruelties and devotes the rest of his life to wildlife conservation and rescuing farm animals. lol

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Sci-Fi, one of the short stories I am working on.

You have seen sci-fi like Star Trek with technology from 400 years in to the future, but my story deals with a much larger period of time.

My story is set 30 billion years in to the future, it is the end of the universe, and up until now, humans have found a way to keep evolving and surviving. However, now we have a massive star base huddled up by the last one and only star we will ever see.

The universe has expanded so much, that there is no light from stars reaching us, and the last one we have has been kick started a few dozen times already, and is set to die soon.

Human kind, of at least what has evolved from it, has technology that would rival the magic of some gods, yet a dying universe is has put them in a tight spot.

Will all human effort turn out to pointless? or will we find a way to go on?

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I want to film Missouri meth heads and show the world their crazy antics, kind of like Winter’s Bone but a lot better.

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The sci-fi novel I am writing would look pretty snazzy on the silver screen…not that I’m probably going to even try publishing. I guess you never know though. It’s about a society living on a very large space ship en route to another stellar system. People have pretty much been reduced to baby-making machines because the only goal is to keep the population up until they reach the new planet.

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Housewives of the Fluther Mansion.

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^^That’d be The Stepford Wives, only scarier!

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Sending frozen embryos to an habitable exoplanet.

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a movie about making movies, about making movies which is about making movies about making movies.

got it?

or just a zombie movie where the zombies are just slow/weak and the psychological effect that a real zombie outbreak would have on an individual or small family.

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