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Can I get my points back?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36037points) February 8th, 2013

I just friended a former user on FB and some messages we exchanged a couple of years ago popped up and reminded me of something. I used to be Val123, and I had almost 20,000 points under that name! Which means I’d be closing in on 40,000 today! Pretty sure I can’t get those back, but I was just wondering.

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Ask Augie if your accounts can be combined.

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I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. Also you only had 12,000 points. :p

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Remember how much easier it was to get to 10K than 20K? That whole lurve-maxing-out thing? If you had stayed Val 123 you wouldn’t have anywhere near the sum of the lurve of Val and Dutchess.

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I’m afraid not, darlin’.

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What’s the point?

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I don’t think you’d have double the points. Many of us maxed out on your first account, then again on your current account. I know I have. You’d have more than the maximum points allowed from each user if you combined the two accounts. That’s not fair to the rest of us. :P

or what @thorninmud said :)

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You don’t love me Auggie! Sniff!
It’s OK.
There is no point, actually @ucme. Just a thought.

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This is funny! Val123 is getting all kinds of GQ’s on those old, old questions! And I’m not the one doing it!
@Symbeline You’re right…only 12,000. I misread it.

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^^ Well, you could change your name to @Dutchess12000+ if that’s doable. : )

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I’ll do it if I could keep 6% of those points for myself.

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You used to be DutchCat, too. You should ask for those points as well.

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Nah. I don’t want the points. I like me right where I am. I’‘m kinda One with Zen, you know. :)

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You don’t need points @Dutchess_III you are fab as you are.

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The trouble is (besides any technical problems) you’d be getting double points from some people who would have otherwise maxed out on you. I didn’t know you and @Val123 were one in the same!!

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Oh Good Grief! I was DutchCat, Dutchess12, Val123 and Dutchess_III! I’d forgotten about all them. I think it’s time for a 90K party for me! :)


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Hey @augustlan Any way we can take away points from her?

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If you could combine, imagine how many points @zen would have by now. Like, a gillion.

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No…I think, maybe 30,000.

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How many you, Zen?

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