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Is hate really a strong word?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) February 8th, 2013

I think it’s a strong word, for sure. You can dislike something or not be in favor of it, but hate has the connotation that it’s the worst thing you could ever possibly think of—to apply that to another human being not only decreases the worth of that human in someone else’s eyes, but also denies them the fact that they’re human as it is.

What can you tell me about all those hates on the Internet?

It is good of you to have me.

I thank you from deep within my soul for everything.

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Yes, it is. I try not to use it. I may dislike a person intensely, but not hate. I reserve that emotion for racism or other hateful emotions/ situations.

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Yea. To me, it means I am willing to die if that means I get to take the thing I hate to hell with me in the process.

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Not so much the word in itself, but the emotive nature that accompanies it.

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@poisonedantidote Hilarious and so true!

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Nah man, it’s just a word y’know?
Despise sounds cooler though.

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Hate is a very strong emotion.

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When you apply it in certain situations, it certainly can be.

However, when you drop a cup of water all over your newly mopped kitchen floor, it is common to say “Oh, I HATE when that happens” it’s not really that strong.

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It is as strong a word as love. Many people toss these words around.

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It is. I rarely feel strongly enough about a person to actually hate them.

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Using the word hate allows me to vent my frustration, negative emotions surrounding s person and sometimes sense of being victimized by them. I cannot physically strike them but sometimes my emotions are strong and need a safe outlet. I do use the word hate sometimes as an alternative to violence. Better verbal expression than physical violence It takes a lot for me to reach this level but it is very real when I feel it. And when I say hate I think it’s more that I hate the way they make me feel, and I hate what they are doing to me and I hate that I’m not coping with it that well and don’t know how I can fight them. I feel powerless and the only thing I can do is say that I HATE them!!!! It’s bad, really, because it’s the emotion of a victim. I work on forgiving and I work on assertiveness too but it’s not always easy.

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I have hated some people so intensely, that is amazes me that my hate didn’t melt them into a grease spot on the floor.

My son’s ex is one. She really hurt my son, and took off with my granddaughter, not letting us see her until we spent three years and tens of thousands of dollars in court. I am very familiar with the emotion of hate, and I don’t feel guilty for hating. Forgiveness is for wimps! Ha-ha – just kidding.

But I really am not one of those people who could get up on the news and say that I forgive the serial killer that murdered and raped my child. I don’t get that. I guess it shows strength of character, but I don’t understand that at all.

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Yes. It mostly disappeared from German conversations after WWII. We rather use the word dislike. I find it shocking how careless Jellies use the word hate sometimes. I try to translate it as dislike.

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I don’t dislike my son’s ex, I really do hate her.

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