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Your favourite creature/animal/beast in movies is?

Asked by ucme (45475points) February 8th, 2013

This could be anything from a mythical monster, to a standard pet, or a more exotic wild animal. So long as they’ve featured in a film, they’re good to go.

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I love the salt vampire from Star Trek.
I don’t know why..

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I love that the latest speculation about what the ancestor of all mammals (including us) looked like is uncannily scrat-like. It would explain so much about human behavior

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Without a doubt it is the tentacle monster.
My favourite movies would not work as well without them.

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Nemo and the Kracken rawk!!

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@ragingloli You must watch some crazy shit! NSFW

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Lassie. The next time I fall down a well, I’ll want that little girl to be nearby.

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I like dragons. How handy would a fire breathing pet be?

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@syz Shhh…please don’t give away a little girl’s secrets…

I believe that all of the Lassies, over all those years, were boy-dogs.

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Ok, they are not from a movie but I have to say Tribbles
If I think of a movie creature I’ll post it later.
I can only think of creatures or animals I liked….none that I loved. There must be one!!!
I did think that the Push me-Pull you in Doctor Doolittle was pretty cool. But I think I just liked his clever name and not so much the creature himself.

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@syz Heh heh…please check out my avatar.

Gizmo the Mogwai in Gremlins
Pegasus in Clash of the Titans
Madison the mermaid in Splash
Salacious Crumb, Jabba the Hut’s bitch
Any baby alien from the Alien movies

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Mothra and his tiny caged singing Japanese girls.

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Although I’ve never seen either one in a movie, my favorites would be Azathoth and the Sun Eater.

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Any exotic cat in movies/shows.

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the Sword fighting skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts?

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I love Jaws. Especially when he roars.

And he’ll be back, don’t let this sad ending depress you.

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@Earthgirl That was a cute name, the thing it’s self though…freaky!
@filmfann Ray Harryhausen, the master of the stop-motion special effects.
@Symbeline Spielberg called the original “shark” the floating turd, nice one Stevie baby!

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@ucme But there are times when I know how that poor creature must feel…not knowing whether he’s coming or going!

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@Earthgirl Aww, feeling a little tired are we?

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a voice like a grind stone. almost as bad as kate mulgrew.

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Falkor the dragon in The Neverending Story and Toothless the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon. I love dragons.

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