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If I just copy-paste my C:\ drive onto a new one, can I just then replace the old drive with the new?

Asked by Fred931 (9409points) February 8th, 2013

I think way too hard about this stuff.

I have one 128GB SSD and 500GB 5400RPM drive from 5 years ago in my PC right now. The SSD is my primary and the other one has acted as a bulk container of sorts, for most games and downloads, etc… until now. Because I switched to Windows 8 for shits and giggles, everything is being directed to install on the SSD, rather than let me choose to save stuff on the D drive, etc. etc. My C drive is now left with 18/120GB left and I think I should just get a bigger SSD and deal with W8’s “attitude.” I don’t think I’ll be physically able to wrap my head around moving everything in the D drive onto a single partition.

My PC also has an ESATA port and I have the PSU/data cables where I can just plug a new drive in from the side and transfer everything before opening the case. Writing that out makes me realize, though, I’m opening my case up anyway, so that’s not important.

I also just had this idea (too damn tired to better organize my thoughts) where I can move some of the current D drive data onto the current C drive and use all three drives (once new one is bought).

So I’d like to know how to replace the entire physical C drive with a new SSD without reinstalling files or losing any data. The HDD has enough room to make a backup if I need to do that. Then, I’d like to know if I can move most of the stuff from the current D drive (mostly games and old files from the computer I yanked the drive from) to the old SSD, and call that old SSD the new D drive, and the HDD the E drive. I have enough PSU cables and drive bays to hold all 3.

What do I need to know? I’m gonna try to get rid of useless things now that all this is on my mind.

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