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Would you eat horse meat?

Asked by bookish1 (13127points) February 8th, 2013

There is a scandal involving frozen meals (moussaka, lasagna, spaghetti bolognese, etc.) from a French distributor, that have been sold throughout Europe, labelled as “beef,” but which have been found to contain as much as 100% horse meat.

Obviously this is a case of false advertising and the French Agricultural Ministry has declared this event “a matter of criminal fraud.” Le Monde hastens to point out that the meat is in fact “of Romanian origin.”

Sources: BBC
Le Monde

What is your reaction to this story? Have you ever eaten or would you eat horse meat? Why or why not?

I am mostly disturbed at the thought that all of this meat is likely going to go to waste. The horses have already been killed.

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I have nothing against eating the meat of horses. It is wrong to call it beef, but I would knowingly eat horse meat if it was prepared for human consumption.

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I would try it. I am no neigh-sayer…

And I hope the meat is not wasted; dogs and cats will eat it.

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PS: I think it is particularly funny that Le Monde has to explain to its readers that in the UK, “the horse is venerated and its consumption taboo,” as opposed to France and Switzerland, “where it is reputed for its tenderness.”

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I have and I would again.

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I have no problem with people eating horse, but obviously you don’t sell horse and call it beef. And fuck, I’d get pissed off if I bought some horse, but it was actually beef. And you’re right, the horses are now dead, so I certainly hope the meat doesn’t go to waste. Plenty of hungry people out there who eat shit off the ground, so I’m sure they would appreciate horse meat.
But those people suck, lying to customers and then getting a scandal, and now meat is going to go to waste, and animals died for nothing.

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I wouldn’t, and I know how hypocritical it is of me, since I do eat meat. I eat beef, but not veal; chicken, but not goose; and have never eaten rabbit, lamb or deer. Major hypocrite, but that’s just the way I roll.

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I was a public school student in the 1970s. Having eaten many a school lunch, I’m pretty sure I already have.

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I had the misfortune of going on a French Exchange trip with a secondary school I attended back in the day. The family I stayed with would provide me with horse meat in a baguette. I HATED it. It tasted so very disgusting. Nothing remotely like chicken, or any other kind of meat, it was absolutely bloody vile. That was back in 1993–4 (can’t remember which). I have never knowingly eaten horse meat ever since. Nor have I ever returned to France. Weird buggers.

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In reality there is no difference between which meat you eat, but taste. I think though horses fall under the pet category so most would say no. Socialization again!

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I would prefer not to eat the meat of horses. In a life or death situation, I’d eat that before dining on insects, amphibians and reptiles.

I have known horses whose character outshines that of some people I have known.

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I would and probably have. Any, er, distaste I might have relates to the word “horse” rather than anything substantive.

There’s that pesky opinion-divider again… language.

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Neigh chance, it might give me “the trots!”

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Not really, but it’s no because I think a horse is less eatable that a cow or any other animal. I’m just not a big fan of meat, and if I eat any meet, it’s mostly fish, chicken or turkey.

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I’ll try anything once or twice. I’ve eaten many animals. I do try to limit my mammal-food though.

However, I would certainly prefer to choose it myself of the menu than get that as a surprise. Especially if I were Jewish. By my understanding, horse meat isn’t Kosher.

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I did eat horse in France back in my carnivorous days. It had no particularly distinguishing taste, as I recall; generic “red meat”, more or less.

Even the French haven’t whole-heartedly embraced horse meat. By law, it has to be sold in dedicated shops, never in shops that sell other meat. It has never quite shaken its original image as a meat for those who couldn’t afford beef, but it does have a reputation as a healthier meat.

Humane societies in France were one of the driving forces for the legalization of horse meat back in the 1800s, because it provided an incentive to farmers not to just work their horses into the ground.

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Hell no!
Not unless I was starving to death. I am lifelong horse owner/lover and many american horses are sent to slaughter for the french horse meat market along with other sources.
Shipping dumped family animals, race horses, pacers, trotters, that are not in the money, are lame and or injured and have no future earning potential, along with auction animals of unknown origin make up a huge market for this cruelty based industry.
Meat may be meat but when that meat was once somebodies cherished animal that is now coming to the end of it’s life under horrible circumstances, no way, no how.

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The reason for not eating horse meat is aesthetic not practical. I have eaten moose. It was delicious. I imagine horse is fine to eat too.

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They pulled it off the shelves here in Sweden. I am no great horse lover, but the thought just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe I would taste it. I wouldn’t buy it though. I think it is upsetting is that they labeled it beef. A couple of months ago there was another scandal in Sweden where they sold red died pork tenderloin as beef.

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No, but I also won’t eat pigs or cows or chickens or turkeys or fish or snakes or alligators or cats or dogs or humans. I’m a vegetarian.

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Sure, as long as it wasn’t trying to be passed off as beef. I want to know what I’m eating of course.

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I make it a habit to not eat foods that I can be friends with.

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If it was labeled honestly and prepared properly, yes.

If it was cooked in the sort of facilities that I wouldn’t trust a glass of water from, and/or was sold as something else, then no.

@talljasperman I could be friends with a pig, but that won’t cure my love of bacon :p

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I ate horse in Japan. It was quite tender and tasty. I would not eat it again, though.

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Horse meat is not a contamination, although some journalists use the word. What happened here is fraud. We have a right to get the food as labeled on the package. Horse meat is no health risk.

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I’d eat horse meat only if there wasn’t anything else to eat and I was about to starve…
I think horses are very intelligent and beautiful animals, we’re not supposed to kill them at all.

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Well, the way I see it, I prefer cows to horses but I will eat beef so I would be a hypocrit if I wouldn’t eat horse meat for some sort of sentimental reason! However, I would prefer to be eating it knowingly rather than be told it’s something else.

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