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Should I tell my therapist I'm pregnant?

Asked by Saz90123 (19points) February 9th, 2013

I have been seeing my therapist for over a year and found out last week I am pregnant. I only have 2 more sessions left of therapy so not sure if it’s worth bringing it up? I’m not actually sure wheather I am going to keep it or not yet.

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What kind of therapist is it you are referring to?

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It’s for depression and aniexty, she is a CBT therapist

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Hmm..Well that’s tricky. I think it may be entirely up to you, but it may be worth bringing it up anyway.

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Yeh that’s what I thought. I think because I am not sure what I’m going to do it could effect my mood so maybe it would be best to bring it up?! Thanks go your help!

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You have two more sessions. What exactly does that mean? Your insurance will give you two more sessions? Are you going just because you can? Do you need her for two more session for what you have been discussing or not? Do you want her to help you decide about the pregnancy? I think you should stop seeing her if you don’t feel compelled to talk about anything specific, and save up the visits in case you need her in the future if you can do that.

It seems to me being unsure about what to do about a pregnancy is a pretty big deal. I can’t imagine not mentioning it. It must weigh on your mind.

Is part of your anxiety avoiding things? People situations?

I could be way off here. If I am please correct me.

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This is a major, major development in your life. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to tell your therapist.

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You dont know if you want to keep it? Then yes tell your therapist about it, see how she can help?

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I agree with @snapdragon24… talk to your therapist about the pregnancy and your options. It is the hardest choice you’ll ever have to make, and will impact every minute of your future.

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You should tell your therapist everything.

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I think I can identify where the issue is here. It’s not just the pregnancy but also because she only has two visits left – maybe she doesn’t see the point in saying anything about it with that few a number of visits left?

That said, it would still be a good idea to tell the therapist anyway.

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What reasons would there be for not telling? It must be dealt with even though there are only two sessions left.

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Why would you not tell her? Perhaps when you know what you are going to do.

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What do you have to lose? Spill the beans and see what you get out of it :)

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CBT? Yes.
It’s a significant development in your life and they should have little gems pertaining to how to manage the pregnancy in relation to your condition…. If you’re looking for advice whether to have it or not, then you would be searching for the wrong thing.

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Yes I think i will tell her then I suppose there is nothing to loose even if I do only have 2 sessions left I may be able to extend it once I’ve decided what I’m doing. Thank you everyone!

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Often times a therapist can give you a new diagnosis if a new issue comes up, and then you might be able to get more session. The pregnancy is certainly a completely new issue.

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Your hormones are going to change a bunch. You should tell them so they can address things if they need to.

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I would discuss this issue with my therapist if I had one. Especially because you are so unsure how you feel about it and don’t know what the outcome will be. Either way it is a stressful situation and if your hormones will soon go insane so it will be good to have another person to discuss this with. Not to mention, it is kind of a difficult issue, especially if you choose to terminate it you probably won’t have a zillion people to talk to about it. When this happened to me, I only told a couple close friends aside from my boyfriend. It’s an awkward discussion but someone like a therapist who shouldn’t judge you would be great to listen, and maybe you can just talk through it. That would be helpful. Good luck.

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Yes! It may even be a reason to renew sessions. It’s a whole issue in itself and it is part of the whole therapy session. The past, present and future are all linked and affected, so it should come out! It is all part of the puzzle you and the therapist have been working on.

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