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It's a good day when.....?

Asked by janbb (51324points) February 9th, 2013

all the socks come out the dryer in pairs.

What makes it a good day for you?

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This is neither fun nor happy, seeing as my existence currently has been largely mediocre, but I consider it a good day when I don’t get bills through the post.

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I get to spend time with friends, listen to good music, and have a laugh.

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When the sun shines and I have had a good nights rest.

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When nobody is after me to do something.

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It’s a good day when wolves don’t barge in here and eat my family, and when I find two bucks in the laundry.

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When there was only 15” of snow, drifts of up to only three feet and the power remained on.

When the four-foor icicles that fall from the eaves to the snow on the deck impale no one and only make a brief noise of 60 decibels.

When the new baby, a little girl, arrived safely and quickly three days ago and is happily now at home with her parents and 2-year-old sister, who seems to have recovered from the shock of no longer being the baby.

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It’s a good day if I wake up with a smile and go to bed with one.

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When it’s not too cold to work outside!

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…when none of the new activity for me is spam, deleted or otherwise.

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There is still money in the account and all the bills are paid.

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I don’t feel ill physically or mentally!

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When I get stuff done and can see progress.

When I get to see my adorable niece.

When I get to hear Mr. Wonderful’s voice :)

When I feel like I’m not the only person with common sense left.

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Everyday is a good day! Because everyday I have woken up from sleep. I’m not ready to take a dirt nap yet, even though many days I feel like I want to!

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I’m with you there @nofurbelowsbatgirl.

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I don’ suffer from indigestion no matter what I have eaten!

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… there are cookies.

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… my time is my own. In other words, when there is no pressure on me to do anything in anybody else’s time frame.

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@Bellatrix Those are special days. When you can do what you want, when you want, how you want!

I’m keeping it simple. It’s a good day when I feel loved.
It’s a good day when I create something that I’m happy with.
It’s a good day when I feel happy to be a human on planet Earth. Yeah, that’s right. Earthgirl here…..checking in….

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I had a good night’s sleep.

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I slept enough.
It’s not a Monday.
My hair cooperates.

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I get a good sleep the night before.
My knee doesn’t act up too much.
My cat doesn’t present me with any hairballs.
The temp stays in the low 70s.
No surprise bills.
I’m alive.

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I’m whistling.

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I go to bed with little anxiety.

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I finish my #&%#*&%@# research paper after days of little sleep and few real meals, and can now take a nap.
Goodnight, y’all.

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When there’s good news reported by the news media.

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