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What's so terrible about a New World Order?

Asked by ETpro (34589points) February 9th, 2013

I mean, is the old world order so great nothing about it could ever be improved? Was there ever a time in the past when the extant world order of that time was so wonderful that humanity froze things at that point and ended all innovation?

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The only bad part is no one can agree on what the NWO should be.

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Yeah, there does seem to be a fair amount of confusion around regarding this topic.

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As long as I’m in charge it will be fine.

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The bad thing about a “New World Order™” is that those who complain about it fear that they will not be the ones doing the controlling.
Like the rightwing christians raging against sharia law, all the while pushing their agenda to impose the christian equivalent on others.

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Dude. The banks would own everything. There would be no guns in the hands of people. There would be no poor people to beat up. The space aliens would be banished. Kennedy would have been shot by one person. There would be no conspiracies.

How the fuck can you think the New World Order is a good thing? You must be a space alien, yourself. A banker space alien. A commie, pinko, gay banker space alien!

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Lack of transparency.

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Well @RealEyesRealizeRealLies , the United States already has a government that suffers from a severe “Lack of Transparency”. I would be in favor of a NWO if I felt that most of the disparities in our current model would be corrected…. unfortunately I do not expect that to happen. If a NWO is established, I would expect to see Corporations firmly in control of the reins of government, with all of our Social Programs eliminated.

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@DrBill In that case, maybe New World Disorder is more to the point, and it’s am anarchist’s convention.

@ucme Indeed. The only general point of agreement seems to be that anything new and orderly would be a horrible thing, possibly nearly as bad as the current world order, which everyone who disagrees constantly agrees is completely disagreeable.

@flutherother Since I plan to be in charge of everything, which will keep me busier than I like being, I’ll be sure to put you in charge of making sure it’s fine.

@ragingloli Your story has touched my heart.

@wundayatta Just relax and take a large does of this Soma. You’ll see, everything is going to turn out just fine.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Yeah, like the DPRK, Chinese Communists, Syria’s Assad… All such stunning models of transparency. How could we even think of giving that up?

@Linda_Owl A New World Order in a world so disorderly that far left Americans think our own government is more evil than the one in North Korea, and far right Americans agree?

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How do we get order from this chaos?

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I only answered the question at hand about what the problem would be from a state of world government which operates in the background behind the scenes as puppet master to the visible governments. It doesn’t even want to acknowledge it’s own existence, much less it’s agenda.

That’s different than current states, which acknowledge their own existence, and make their agenda very public through both action and decree. NWO wouldn’t be presumed to do that.

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“Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss….......” Here

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If the new world order meant that the top 1% runs the world, I am totally against it. If it means that we unite under the U.N. and our war mongering Congress loses most of its power, then I’m for it.

I do not believe in American exceptional-ism. We may have been that back when the country started but, since I’ve been born, American exceptional-ism means that we bomb the shit out of brown people that disagree with us. It would be a good thing to have an organization that could reign in America’s war-like responses to problems.

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@Ron_C I have no idea what a new world order means. There have been new ones time after time for as long as history records them. Anybody seen any Roman Legions marhing by recently or had to pay taxes to Caesar?

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My understanding of what a NWO is, is a secretive assembly of corporate authorities which operate behind the scenes to direct/project the policies of public governments. Caesar wouldn’t be a part of it, other than carrying out the directives of what Pepsi and Monsanto wanted him to. Caesars only job in the game would be to sell the secret corporate will as beneficial to the public.

Hence, Californians were convinced that GMO labeling was a bad thing. Somehow, the right to know what’s in our food is deemed unimportant, compared to what knowing would (could) do to the economy. At least that’s how I understand the way it was campaigned to the public.

Regardless if my grasp of California GMO labeling is correct or not, it should be an obvious example of a corporate agenda overriding the rights of citizens who believe in common sense.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I don’t believe you. Our corporate masters told me that’s not so.

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