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Do you have a unique or embarrassing name?

Asked by Curiosity17 (8points) June 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I need to know I’m not the only one with a name that I mite consider changing!!!

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Yes. As far as I can tell I am the only person with this combination of first and last names. And both my first names are unique to the Faroe Islands.
It’s not an embarrassing name, but I always – and I mean always – have to take time to repeat and/or spell my name when I give it.

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by the way my middle name is Danastasia(like the cartoon just with a d)(dan-a-stay-ja).no lie It took me till the 3rd grade to figure out where all the a’s go! The sad thing is no1 has a reason for it. They just decided that would be it

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I did have a friend names Leoratious Presley III. I mean its unique but where do these ppl get the inspiration?

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I can’t believe how some people could name their children such weird names, while for some people it suits, often strange or embarrassing names are awful for the person with the name.

Lifelong phycological trauma for the person named Taroona Star Delight.

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I blame Bob Geldof and Paula Yates for starting an awful, awful trend!

Mind you, I quite like my name – and I was named after my grandfather – it’s just a pain that most people I introduce myself to (living abroad and all) have never heard of it before.

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I’ve always liked my middle name of Leland…its just uncommon enough not be common…I dunno if I trust guys with the first name of Leland.

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I am the only person I know with the first name of Kramer, my middle name is Richard so a lot of people at my school call me Dick really loudly haha.

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I named my son Monroe, it was my great grandfathers name, I like that its not a common name, if he decides he doesnt like his name when he gets older, he can always use his middle name I guess.

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Jessica Alba just named her daughter “Honor”...

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I know someone named that. And indeed I to have a very odd middle name “Lassels” I mean lassels it sounds like tassles.

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My name is Jeanaye Katrese and I hate it. My parents explained to me that the inspiration for my middle name, Katrese, was my only two aunts first names (Karen and Teresa). However, still to this day my mom cannot explain why she named me Jeanaye or why she spelled it that way. By the way, you can pronounce my name (jen-ay). She threw those extra a’s and e’s in there for giggles…..

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at first i wasn’t that happy with
Camiel Benjamin Hirschberg
but now I’m actually proud of it

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sweet_guyx, stupid huh. my first hotmail account, its a mistake i must say,i ve deleted that yet

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@wildflower, why would you say you have a weird name and then not tell us what it is, same to the OP

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You couldn’t pronounce it anyway, waterskier

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Maybe people like to keep their anonaminity(sp?) while on the internet.

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Eambos has a good point – especially when one has a unique name!
also, my mum taught me that “an idiot writes his name everywhere”

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so you’re calling me an idiot? :O im shocked….

and the worst part, nobody said anything like “hey iwa, that’s a cool name”

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I never said that ;)

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hey iwa, that’s a cool name!

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I have a friend (gosh she’ll kill me for this)
Her name is “Ima Daisy Bottom” in Grade school, the kids teased her terribly. So, what did she do when she had her first baby? Yep! She named her “Ima Saint.” When I asked her why

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Opps! Sorry!!! Ima said, yes it hurt her growing up, but it made her a much stronger person. I couldn’t argue with her!

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My last name is 3 letters and the standard abbreviation for a large country and a common German word, so it is impossible to Google my name because you get millions of random results…heh. Also it is frequently mispronounced which can be annoying at times.

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I have a fairly common name. I’ve even met someone with the same name as me (except the middle name). I really like uncommon names though, or ones that are around but not used very much. Riley, Declan, Noah – I like all of those.

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playthebanjo: Cool site! 139,964 people share my first name, 21,299 people share my last name, and only 10 people share both first and last name (and I’ve met one of them!).

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That is pretty random that you met one of them!

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Yeah, especially since there are (supposedly) only 10.

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The site is nice, but it does miss a lot. I searched my last name and it said there were no others, when there are 25+ of us.

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I know people named Mike Hunt and Robin Banks.

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MacBean: Hahahaha, I didn’t get the first one until I said it out loud. That’s unfortunate. What about Oliver Klozeoff?

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My maiden (now middle) name is Bjork. People tell me it’s cool all the time.

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Wow – tried the site that playthebanjo linked:
0 people share my first name
0 people share my middle name
3,834 share my surname
7,150 share my married name

Of course this is only US, I know there are others with both my first names, just not over there.

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I once was working with a friend to come up with a list of the worst names of people that we knew. When I put Mike’s name on the list, my friend went, “What’s wrong with Mike Hunt? ... ... Oh.”

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nice one!!

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My mom had a friend by the name of Shannda Lear and I had an old boyfriend named, Dusty Rhodes. I always thought it would be cool to have the name, Rainy Nights <grin> but then that almost sounds like a pornstar!

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Almost…..maybe just an exotic dancer :)

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Exotic dancer, hmmm… Definitely better than the pstar. Alright, since we’re on the topic I saw a painting by a famous artist and named my daughter the same.

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My Samuel has many names culminating in the absurd: Samuel, Sam cuisine, Spammuel, Spamsonite (he likes hiding in suit cases), The King of Siam, Siami from Miami, and personal favorite It’s the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathmatics S.I.A.M.

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