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Would you like to read about some amazing Cancer research?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) February 10th, 2013

This is amazing research.
Do you think this will help eradicate this horrible disease?
It seems that every kind of cancer is different. Each person appears to be affected differently.
Read about the research here.

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If these new findings eventually get tested on humans and actually work (without any harmful side-effects, especially ones that show up after years), this could be history in the making!

On a side note, am I the only one who kept thinking of I Am Legend while reading that article? Creepy.

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Interesting for sure, but…we all have to die of SOMETHING and while attempting to eliminate cancer is a noble effort it still leaves another 5,000 ways to die.
Heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, various other illnesses, nature has it ways and I don’t believe in striving for immortality. I believe in accepting our mortality however it shows up, it’s the way of nature. Eliminate one disease and another will take it’s place.

We are not intended to live forever and if one thing doesn’t get you another will.
Mans yearnings for immortality are self serving and egotistical, hardly in favor of the greater good and natural design that works off the principal of culling the old after their reproductive life is spent to make room for the next generation of the species.

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Thank you for sharing this, @philosopher.
Apoptosis for the win!

@Coloma, I agree that striving for immortality is vain, but how far should we go in “accepting our mortality”? Lots of young people and children get cancer, too. And without vaccines and Western medicine, many of us ahem would have already died before the age of 5, which is when the genetically weak are supposed to be ‘culled’ out.

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@bookish1 I think we should except it 100%. No matter what age it shows up.
Attempting to heal and cure a child is admirable, but, it is what it is.
This is life, some die young, some die old, it’s the stories we create about what “shouldn’t” happen that trips us up, but in nature all is fair.

Of course I would strive to cure my child but not at the expense of their quality of life. I don’t see any kindness in forcing life upon anyone of any age if the quality is going to be compromised. Better 2 months of quality than 2 years of prolonged suffering IMO. :-)

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@Coloma : In nature, all is not fair. You are still alive and kicking and able to make these statements because you had access to clean water and decent food at a bare minimum. Is it fair that a kid in India dies of dysentery because they didn’t have safe water to drink? Just because of where they happen to be born? My grandmother lost 2 or 3 infants before some of them survived, one of whom is my father, who himself almost died of malaria. We have to fight against nature all the time.

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@bookish1 Point taken and understood. I am coming from a big picture and spiritual stance, that death is inevitable regardless of age and circumstance, but circumstance is certainly a huge factor especially in 3rd world countries with low to no resources for decent standards of living. I’m mostly an advocate for quality over quantity, and certainly a huge percentage of the world does not afford any quality of living standards and that is a sad thing indeed.

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It would be wonderful to find a cure for cancer.

I believe I can agree with @Coloma about dying from other things as well, but excruciating pain from some forms of cancer, that require tons of pain meds that barely reduce the pain is intolerable. I’ve seen it, I’ve been in the chemo area and people of all ages suffer, some are in so much pain you wouldn’t believe it.

We MUST legalize euthanasia in the US!

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@KNOWITALL I agree 100%. :-)

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I see the future of humanity as predicted by Scientist like Dr. Kaku.
We will all live much longer. Humanity will live in Space and on other Planets.
Not comprehending this is short sighted and unrealistic.
The Regan family opposed research until a lack of it directly affected them.
Not helping suffering people is immoral.

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