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Firefighters, EMT's, Police - If they are on duty and in a restaurant, get a call and have to leave immediately, does the restaurant comp. their meal?

Asked by rojo (22322points) February 10th, 2013

Just wondered. I think some restaurants comp. the meal anyway but I was wondering if there was any first hand knowledge.

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Every case is unique. I would think that the guys should simply throw down a $10 or $20 as they are rushing out the door to avoid any sense of impropriety.

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In about every case, if they are actually on duty, they won’t be in the restaurant. They will either be at their station or in their car.
But having said it, I would expect that in most cases most conscientious public servents would make a reasonable attempt to pay, at least after the fact, and many restaurant owners might make a gesture and say forget it. Can’t prove any of that however.

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I worked for the Ambulance service. We would always pay – later. When would return, the food would be wrapped up in to-go bags. Nice.

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@LuckyGuy thanks, I wondered. We felt that it should be a case of if it is an emergency, I’ts on us.

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@josie I just know that occasionally, you will see a firetruck or an ambulance at an establishment and figured that if you were in the “official” vehicle, there was a good chance you were still on the clock.

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They are a fast food crowd. Firefighters eat at the station. So the cops have toss a Big Mac in the trash. Big loss. or “mac loss”

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