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Insanity work outs not feeling effective, suggestions?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1809points) February 10th, 2013

Our section has been doing the insanity work outs for a good while now. Maybe we plateauing a bit.

Running has kind of dropped off, since for most part when it’s -15 or lower when stopped doing anything for the most part outside.

I just feel like after a while, and granted I’m not saying the exercises are a breeze, yet it seems like they are just not doing a whole a lot specially when we do go runs. Everyone is sucking a bit lately, even when the insanity work out says it is cardio.

Is P90X same as insanity work out? Any suggestions?

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Good cardio exercise is good cardio, period. What label it comes under is more about the latest push to make money marketing something that’s been around at least since mankind built the pyramids as something that’s all new. And the fact that after trying one for a period of time, you’re ready to chuck it and buy a different one proves that marketers are winning—or should we say insanity triumphs? Not to be too harsh on you. Running intervals at 15 below zero would be truly insane, and you’ve all been smart enough not to go there. It might make sense to get a treadmill or join a gym for access to such. That would resurrect the running.

A little change-up in exercise routine from time to time is a good thing. First, it helps ward off boredom with it. Second, if you notice the current routine leaves some muscle group you want to build up untargeted, you can search Google for things to add to tone the areas that still need it. But don’t buy one after another video/book/tape touting the all new incredible plan that beat’s all others. The only part of new exercise routines that in truth keeps beating all previous ones is the wildness of the marketing claims (the BS) used to marketi them. That, in truth, does keep getting piled higher and deeper.

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@ETpro Hm, I feel as though some would disagree with that. Many people have told me even if I do other cardio exercises that the only real way to improve said thing is to do it. Like running – Run more. Personally I have mixed feelings on that.

The insanity workouts were not my idea. Suppose I have a say, but it was just something that just came about since going outside was not an option. I should have mentioned that the gym is pretty much a no go, as it’s overly crowded already. The chances of our section even though we are small each getting a treadmill pretty slim.

I mentioned the P90X (only other one I know) As not trying to find the holy grail so to speak, but just to have it be different to get rid of repetitiveness and still be effective.

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Just go on line. There are tons of free workout routines that are free and can help you change it up a bit so you aren’t bored and don’t waste tons of money on something you will get bored of.
You can also try joining Its free and they give you a ton of different challenges as you score points and make it to the next level.
When I was using it, I saw a big difference in my health. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to go on lately and then forgot about it till right now. (ok really lame excuse)
But give it a try and get some people to join with you to help encourage you. It’s like having workout buddies who you don’t have to plan your schedule together.

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The exercises probably are becoming ineffective because if you do the same routines all the time, your body will stop responding. You need to vary your exercise routine and also not neglect weight training. Insanity only uses your body’s own weight as resistance, and you should also be using some weights. Doing too much cardio without also adding in weight training will actually cause muscle loss because your body will start to burn muscle along with fat. You need cardio and weights and you need variations of both. That means doing different types of cardio and different weight routines. One day focus on upper body and another day on lower. Muscle confusion is the key to keeping your body responding to workouts. Also make sure you are taking adequate rest days. Your body builds muscle after a workout. When you weight train, you cause microscopic tears in your muscles which then heal on your rest days. That healing period is when the muscle growth occurs. If you continually train and don’t rest and get adequate nutrition, you never allow your body to heal and grow muscle. I’d venture to say if you are doing Insanity for a prolonged period of time, you are overtraining. You should alternate Insanity with lower intensity workouts to give your body time to heal and to give your muscles the confusion they need.

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@CuriousLoner You’ve got two great answers from @diavolobella & @Pandora. Put both their suggestions into play and since it’s a group, crowdsource the online search for free alternatives.

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If “Everyone is sucking a bit lately” it’s possible you’re bored or overdoing it.
@diavolobella‘s analysis has some great detail along that line.
You have my sympathies, I find it’s tough to get a good workout inside for an outside sport.

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