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Do you think this is safe to eat?

Asked by Mariah (24807points) February 10th, 2013

I am pretty dumb about food sense. I have some store-bought guacamole from a little over a week ago. Unfortunately I didn’t realize when I bought it that the container was not resealable and I didn’t have any tupperware to put it in. I first opened it soon after, so about a week ago, and it’s been sitting in my fridge since then, not sealed. It says best by February 15. I don’t want to take a risk if it’s a bad idea. What say you?

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Gaucamole tastes bad after it’s been sitting around, but it shouldn’t harm you. It gets discolored and loses its flavor. It is best eaten as soon as it is made. Any leftovers, if carefully sealed without access to air might last another day or so without too much flavor decrease, but after a couple of days, it probably tastes weird. After the best by date, it might be spoiled, anyway.

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I say when in doubt throw it out. But, I am paranoid about stomach illnesses.

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I agree with @burntbonez – probably won’t make you sick but guac doesn’t age gracefully.

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It’s spicy guacamole so I have hopes that it will taste okay. @JLeslie, that’s generally my policy too but I suffer from knowing next to nothing about food preparation so I don’t trust my “common sense.” Thanks everybody!

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Is it discolored and brown and yuck looking? If not, they may have put preservatives in it which could make it ok.

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If it’s still got its own guacamole color – and hasn’t “regained” that color through some process of decay – then I’d be fine with it.

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@CWOTUS It’s not easy staying green.

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It’s still mostly green. And tasty!

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I had forgotten some sliced turkey meat in the fridge that would disagree, @janbb.

But I would agree that it’s very hard for quacamole to stay green if it’s bad.

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@CWOTUS Maybe we should both join the Green Party since we seem to agree on this.

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If it tastes good, it’s just avocado and a few other things, so it’s not gonna hurt you. Trust those senses. Also a week isn’t that long, especially for something like a dip. I’m surprised it isn’t brown.

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If you don’t eat it – I will.

Don’t waste food.

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Toss it. Why take a chance?

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Throw it out. When it comes to food, don’t take chances.

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I’m at the head of the “when in doubt, throw it out” crowd. But I would have no doubt about “normally green” guacamole.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room What? It’s avocado. Why be so wasteful?

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I probably wouldn’t eat it, but I am very finicky about old food. I don’t eat anything over 3 days old depending on what it is. I am a firm 3 day rule person with leftover anything.
It’s your call, good luck.

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Yes, @deni, it’s an avacado, not a precious stone. If there’s a chance it could be bad, I wouldn’t eat it… but that’s just me. I have a tricky stomach.

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Ewwwwww. No.

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If it is growing its wroten

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Guac tastes tangy-acidic when it’s gone bad. It won’t hurt you; try a bite and see. Brown isn’t a definitive sign – that’s just from oxidation, same as potatoes or apples. Unless we’re talking like really dark brown, which would be mold.

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If you dnt want to eat it give it to some one…

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Green Vegetable are good for health.

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Sure they are, but not when they are brown

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It must have been fine because I am fine today and I ate a bunch of it yesterday. I don’t make a habit out of eating questionable foods but I was so hungry last night, haha. Thanks all.

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@Mariah Maybe you’ve found the miracle cure for all your ills!

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I have a 7 day rule myself. Once the container is opened and it has been stored in the refrigerator. Worst case old food gives a person the runs or food poisoning.

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Sauerkraut shouldn’t go bad, but I had some they ended up with mold on the part out of the water. Underwater it looked fine. I threw it all out. Shame. But usually it lasts a very long time.

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I think you should try every think . Even if it is not good to taste but sometimes it is good for health. Green vegetables and fruits are good for health

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