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Can you help me find an App that can help one make App's? (any platform, including pen and paper, details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) February 10th, 2013

asked from iPhone on May 15th, 2009… App development app.

Is their any apps (for Google Crome and/or Blackberry or Iphone 4) that can allow one person singlehandedly allow someone with a High School Diploma to write an app for under $1000 in one year?
If an app already exists for the game please list it… but I am bored and I still would like to make one anyway.
I would like to make a game that converts one’s resume and personal info, to a dungeons and dragons character sheet for all editions. Also I would like to know how to do, resumes to Character Sheets conversions, better with pen and paper… (Example a person with 216 I.Q. would have a 21 Int and a person with $3000 dollars in the bank would be $3000 Gold Pieces ect…)
I know about the What Character am I ? internet site… But I want to go in more detail as to make a new type of resume that people can use to gain insight into themselves and others.

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