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Who do you think is the most under-rated actor/actress of all time?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 10th, 2013

And why?

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Surely we’ve never even heard of the most underrated actor or actress of all time. Perhaps it’s someone whose talent went tragically unrecognized. Perhaps it’s someone who worked for an intelligence agency and whose name has been permanently redacted from history. But if I were to pick from those of whom I am aware, I would select a voice actor of some kind. The best ones are so good that you don’t even realize it’s them from role to role.

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Andrew Robinson. He is just brilliant.
Or Harris Yulin. He is great, too.

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Who is that guy? He was in that film…..

It will come back to me.

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Got it -

Richard Jenkins

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Andrew, Andrew… It’s Andrew something. It’s on the tip of my tongue. :-)

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William Shatner. He is hilarious.

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Of the people I’ve seen, Sherilyn Fenn. Not only is she smokin hot, she did a wonderful job in Twin Peaks – and then nothing ever again. Also, Laurie Metcalf – she was the funniest actor on Roseanne next to John Goodman, and he’s had his day in the sun. Then again, she seems to be having a great time on Broadway, so I guess she isn’t as underrated as I thought. Thanks for asking this question and getting me to google that article; the play sounds very interesting and I might go see it.

@janbb Is the movie The Visitor or Burn After Reading? He was great in those. [Spoiler, but just for fun I won’t tell you for which movie] Took an axe to the head like a champ!

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Punting this one over to my wife next to me. She says Mary Steenburgen.

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@wildpotato It was in “The Visitor” that I first became aware of him but he really is a wonderful underrated – or under noticed -actor.

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Thomas Haden Church, because I love all things Sideways. ;-)

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I love Gina Torres.

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I’d put Cillian Murphy on the list.

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Edward Norton. I know everybody knows who he is, but IMO he’s a much better actor than some of the other young fellows like Leo DiCaprio and Matt Damon or Ben Afflect or even Johnny Depp (who I adore). I would love to see him in a Western.

Loretta Devine She played teacher Marla Hendricks on the excellent TV series Boston Public.

Chi McBride Who was also on Boston Public, playing principal Steven Harper.

John C. McGinley who played angry, fast-talking, rude, but brilliant Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs.

Ted Levine who played Captain Leland Stottlemeyer on Monk.

Dennis Lawson who played John Jarndyce in the 2005 BBC miniseries Bleak House.

Daniel Davis who played Niles the British Butler on The Nanny. He was actually born in Arkansas and has quite a delicious acting resume as you can see Here

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The MIL, what a fucking drama queen!

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If they’re the most underrated, we’ve probably never heard of them.

My vote, as usual, goes to Gale Harold.

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