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Am I pregnant?

Asked by NickiC123 (28points) February 10th, 2013

I stroked my boyfriends penis and then stopped after 10 minutes and it was wet (didn’t ejaculate) i then fingered myself 25 minutes later and my hand was dry and i didn’t put my finger in just rubbed my clitoris. Then he fingered me but he never masturbated and I got my period like 4 days after that (normal period) am i pregnant?

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Unlikely, but not impossible.

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No, just a terrible writer.

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If you got your period then no, you aren’t pregnant.

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Absolutely 100% pregnant, probably the next octomom. Just kidding, you should be all clear.

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Keep playing with fire, and you’ll start one eventually. Not yet, though.

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Odds are very good that you are not pregnant but the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. Fluther questions are not reliable pregnancy tests.

Since this is your second “am I pregnant” question, it is probably time for you to visit your local Planned Parenthood office and get some information on fertility, how a woman gets pregnant, and birth control. If you are old enough to make the choice to fool around, you are old enough to take responsibility for what could happen.

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Not likely. Of course you can pee on a stick and know for sure.

And in the future, the goal is to keep the wet stuff away from your orifices.

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The last time you asked this it was removed. I am guessing the same thing will happen this time.

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Why would you even think you are pregnant to begin with if you got your period? I agree with @SuperMouse

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No, but you could still contract a venereal disease if your boyfriend has it. If you are going to full around, than at least use a rubber.
I don’t usually like answering these sort of questions but if you are that uncertain about possibly being pregnant than you probably are not ready to get pregnant. So be careful, not sorry.
Once sperm dries outside the body and loses mobility, it will die within a few minutes.
Venereal disease. Not so much. Some just need to be kept moist and at 98 (a warm body) degrees to survive and be within the genital area to survive.

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There was a slight chance that you could have become pregnant by this particular type of fooling around, but not very likely. There can be sperm cells swimming in the liquid that was present on your boyfriend’s penis, not as many as there are in ejaculate (otherwise known as cum), but there can be some, and it only takes one to impregnate a female.

In this instance, because you have already had your period, that is your body’s sign to you that you are not currently pregnant.

I agree that you need to talk to someone, maybe a trusted female adult (school counselor, cousin, aunt, mother, friend’s mother) to learn how pregnancies occur, and how they (and sexually transmitted diseases otherwise known as STD’s or VD for venereal disease) can be prevented.

I’m not sure how old you are, but you sound a bit naive and unprepared to be even considering having sex or fooling around with boys, simply because you do not understand how pregnancy works. Planned Parenthood would be a good place to go to get information. There are many books that you could buy or check out at the public library too, about where babies come from and how to prevent pregnancy and disease.

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I’d say the chances of you being pregnant from this are almost non-existent.

However, just because someone bleeds does not mean it’s not possible for them to be pregnant. Some women bleed during pregnancy in a manner that can seem similar to a menstrual cycle, which is one reason why some women don’t realize they’re pregnant until they are several months along. So, bleeding does not equal “not pregnant” 100% of the time like many seem to think.

I’ve been worried about being pregnant in the past, even when I was on birth control and using condoms. How paranoid is that? Many young ladies are overly worried about pregnancy, even when the chances are slim, so I understand your concern. However, I suggest getting on birth control to be safe. Like @SuperMouse said, if you’re old enough to do these things, you’re old enough to take necessary precautions against STDs and pregnancy. This is your life and your body, so stop taking risks while you still have some control over these things.

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You aren’t preggers. Thanks for the play by play.

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^^ Porn light tonight? ; P

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@Kardamom I really don’t understand people who come on here and talk so vividly about such intimate things. Is there no shame anymore?

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Apparently not. The young-uns simply say whatever comes (no pun intended) into their minds at the exact moment it comes into their minds. But this poor young lady really needs our help, if in fact this is for real.

I still don’t know why the other Q was pulled

Part of the problem is that she wasn’t educated about sex and std’s and she also wasn’t educated about how to get this information, discreetly. I partly blame this on the school system (because they mostly teach abstinence only, which is a crock of shite IMO) and the failure of parents, but I kind of expect parents to fail when it comes to this kind of knowledge. You do not have to have any information about how babies are conceived, to actually conceive and give birth to a child. Even the parents who do know, in great detail about how pregnancies occur, usually are very squeamish about discussing these things with their own children. I know for me, I learned the basic idea from one of my school chums and the rest of the important stuff from Sex Ed classes at school in 6th, 8th and 10th grades and from books that my parents “conveniently” left around the house. I would have died of embarrassment to have had “the talk” with my parents, even though they’re knowledgeable, kind and educated people. I think they knew that. I was lucky to have been given a top notch education with regards to pregnancy and VD as they called it back in the days before aids and herpes. My 10th grade health teacher even showed us how to properly put a condom on a banana. Cool.

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There are probably a lot of people out there who don’t know much about sex. Maybe they go to a religious school that doesn’t teach anything about it and their parents don’t teach.

It is bad form to shame people who ask questions for being stupid or not knowing the answers to their question. People who do that here should be ashamed of themselves. You are all so smart and knew everything and can’t imagine people, especially young people who don’t know how sex works very well.

It does us no harm to take these questions seriously. It might actually help someone. And if it doesn’t, it hasn’t hurt us. Yet so many people act as if they doing such a big favor by deigning to answer the question. Just move on if you don’t like the question. Stop shaming people. Be ashamed yourself if you think there are stupid questions. There aren’t. It is unjellylike to shame folks for asking things they want to know.

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^^^Do you have any idea of how many people come for just such a soft porn question (their first and only) and then disappear for ever? I started keeping a list but eventually found it fatiguing.

This one does not have the ring of sincerity.

Anyone with internet access (who can spell “masturbation” and clitoris” correctly) can probably find accurate info about sex ed these days.

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It doesn’t matter, Gail. We have to take their questions at face value. And even if they are spoofing us, someone might need the answer. It does us no harm. It is the kind thing to do.

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Fair enough only for the first time she asked this.

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@wundayatta you are being one of those old women of Fluther who demands everyone should be nice. I remember you complaining about them not too long ago. How cute. :)

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@jonsblond: As you know, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ”“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”

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