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What is a good college dorm prank?

Asked by mcsnazzy (434points) February 10th, 2013

My friends got their room toilet papered tonight and we are looking for revenge ideas. Anything goes. Full on prank war. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do to get them back?

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My favorite was always saran wrap over the top of the toilet or vaseline all over the toilet seat.

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When I went to college there were two distinct types of people; those just out of high school wasting their parent’s money and those of us in our mid 20’s that had responsibilities.

If you are looking for pranks you must belong to the former group. I believe you should take your studies seriously and if you do, you don’t have time for pranks.

My personal belief that no one just out of high school should qualify for higher education. They should first be in the military, Peace Corps or Red Cross for a couple years before going to higher education. One of the reasons people graduate from college and are unemployed is that they did not take their education seriously. I wouldn’t hire them either!

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Bang bang with eggs. Buy aggs and give them a shower with it. And don’t forget to put oil on the floor like that they don’t have any place to run to or else BAM BAM poor them but they deserve it. Put cups of water everywhere in their room. Stick pubic hairs on the handle for their front door. Walk into their room when their sleeping, pour petrol over them and set them on fire. YouTube is filled with videos that have good pranks, you should check it out, although I’m pretty sure you already did.
They will rethink before doing anything bad to you before. Good luck.

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Dis-assembling a VW Bug and re-assembling in the middle of the dorm room, done over the winter break.

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Put a bucket filled with flour/confetti on the door.
Use a rope, knot it to the doorknob and something else thatshould be dragged across the room when they open the door(maybe dirt or something smelly) . And then make sure it starts when the door opens or closes, you can decide, but I think its better when the door opens.
Maybe when they sleep you can put their hands in warm water and pour some warm water over their crotch. They will think they peed themselves.
Put eggs, oil or milk into their shampoo bottles.
Bake cookies and oversalt as much of these that each one of them gets one. Then offer them the oversalt cookies.
Smear butter on the doorhandle.

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Take all the drawers out of their dresser. Turn the dresser upside down. Reinsert drawers. Turn dresser right side up. Every time they open a drawer, all on he floor!

We had a lot of people with bottled water dispensers in their rooms. One guy bought a couple goldfish, took the bottle off, put the goldfish on he bottle, and put it back on. When Bill went for a glass of water, there were two fish swimming around in it!

And the classic is short sheeting them.

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@Ron_C Don’t take this so seriously. Lots of kids with responsibilities should have time to have fun and prank someone, it’s not the end of the world.

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Take the pillow out of the pillowcase and fill said case with shaving cream.

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Take all of the toilet paper out of the toilet. The only paper in the room should be their latest English essay, the one due this morning, by the sink.

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This works well if they are new and naive. I saw once where some friends called one among us over the telephone, told them it was the front desk, that some underwear had been stolen from the laundry and that they were to collect all their underwear they had and bring it to the front desk. We followed that poor soul down to the front desk in the lobby and the look on the front desk clerk and than the victim’s face was priceless and all in good non dangerous fun.

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Take a manila envelope and fill it with shaving cream, leavin the top unsealed. Slide the edge of the opening under a dormmate’s locked door, then stomp on the envelope. Their room will be covered in bits of shaving cream.

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Hide in thier room, and when they’re not expecting it jump out and stab them 12 times

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This was stupid and dangerous, but so so funny. We only did it once. Our book store sold books in big plastic bags. We lived in a 7 or 8 story dorm. We filled the bag with water and tied it shut. It held about 3 or 4 gallons. We went up to the top floor at night and dropped the bag in front of some unsuspecting guy coming towards the door. It exploded in front of him and threw water everywhere. He cowered with his hands on his balls, than ran inside. We realized if we hit someone it would be really bad, so we never did it again. But that reaction was so amazing.

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Simple and awesome, saw it on the Sopranos:

One glass of cold water, tossed over the shower curtain.

While someone is showering, obvi.

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Put nair in someone’s shampoo….

“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”

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@Gifted_With_Languages If those idiots spent half as much time on their studies as they did on those pranks, we’d have cracked lightspeed travel by now.

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Please don’t do any pranks like Nair in shampoo or ruining something with food or shaving cream.

I like the upside down dresser.

One friend of mine had a cabbage patch doll that she had loved as a child and had it in her dorm room. Her roomate one day put it between the two panes of glass in a window. She went crazy trying to find it. Finally later that day when she was coming home from class someone noticed the doll with all four limbs spread like a snow angel pressed in-between the glass. You would swear the thing was saying “help me.”

My point of the story is there might be something persinal that will be a good prank rather than a random one.

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We did a complete switch of furniture between a girl’s dorm room and her boyfriend’s.

I actually would have preferred that, compared to what she did to my dorm room: re-arranged to to have a bunk bed layout (which my room and I had previously decided was not right for us).

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Fill their bathroom with balloons, inflated with whipped cream (ready whip). They will pop the balloons, and the mess is devastating.

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@filmfann – seems like that would cost a fortune in whipped cream, but wow oh wow, would I love to see that happen!!!

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Fill a cooler with water.
Add a coulple squirts of dish soap.
Bring the cooler to their room and pretend its filled with beer.
Then open the cooler and drop in a 5lb brick of dry ice.

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HAHA I like the huge water balloon one

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@FUKADUKA Yeah but think if we hit someone on the head. But OMG that was funny.

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