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Do you think Olive Oyl is worth all the fighting that Popeye and Bluto constantly go through for her?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) February 11th, 2013

Why or why not?

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Absolutely, positively YES. Why, because she is hawt!!!

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Be aware, there’s an apparently fortunate fellow here who argues over Bluto’s name.
She’s a stick insect so they should be careful she doesn’t devour them after sex, not worth the risk.

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Neither of them are ‘oil’ paintings so they should think themselves lucky if Olive gives them the time of day.

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Maybe they aren’t fighting over Olive Oyl after all but through her… does anyone know the backstory on yhe lively gang?

Or perhaps they just enjoy fighting. Maybe it is a closet homosexual vibe. I mean the dynamic between popeye and bluto is hotter and stronger then anything they do with olive oyl. Or it could be an alpha male possession thing. I touched her so she’s mine.

If one of them stopped or gave in the other would lose interest well more to the point there wouldn’t be a cartoon.

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When you have a mug like Popeye’s? You bet!

Besides, there’s nothing like a little Olive Oyl to spice up your sex.

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Word on the street is that she’s extra virgin.

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Of course Popeye and Bluto/Brutus are sailors, so any port in a storm…

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She is not called Olive Oyl(y) for nothing.

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@ucme You have my vote for best answer! But unfortunately all I can do is give you a GA.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal That’ll be enough though, cheers!

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@ucme And cheers to you as well!

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