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How can I use my debit card without knowing my pin number, or any of my accounts information?

Asked by Plone3000 (668points) February 11th, 2013

I have had this debit card for a while now and I want to start using it. I never used it before because I hate using cards to pay for things, and I like to save money. Can I just go to my bank and ask them to change my pin number? I have had this card for such a long time and not used it that I don’t even know how much money is in my account.

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Yes, go to your bank with identification.
I have an on-line access to my account and can change the pin number, just have to log on with my ID and password.

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Yes, you can update your pin number at the bank. Sometimes you can sign up with an online account and do it that way. Call the bank and ask for help, or ask them to set it up for you while you are there.

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Awesome thanks, so much.

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You can also use it and just have it run as credit, I believe.

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Nice try, person who stole a debit card.

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If your at the bank you need an ID like a drivers license. When your at the store use it as a credit only or you will need a pin. For security reasons I always write CID on the back of my cards so they check the ID. Not all clerks look for the signature but they should check. If people use cards for fraud remember your mainly on camera! Cops follow the trail of video always!

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Just tell the bank what you stated in your OP, they’ll know what to do.

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If you can actually prove to the bank that it really is your card, you should have no issues.
If you can’t, there are issues that I don’t want to get into.

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I always use my debit cards as credit at stores, because that eliminates the risk of someone watching me key in the PIN then pickpocketing me and going shopping. When I do have to use one as a debit card (Costco, for instance takes Amex, Cash, company checks or debit cards only) I bend over the keypad till my nose is almost touching it. Even if some fraudster has a skimmer on the card reader, his remote hidden camera isn’t getting my PIN.

I love to shop with my PayPal Mastercard debit card. When used as a credit card, I get 1% cash back. It’s a small amount, but why throw away available income?

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@ETpro “Man in the middle” attacks are far more likely. Anybody who grabs for my debit card will likely yank out enough pubes for me to kick their ass before they get far (wallet in front pocket of tight pants) and skimmers are actually hard to hide unless you are oblivious. Also note that minor credit card purchases require no signature; a pickpocket can $24.99 you to poverty.
There comes a point where caution becomes paranoia. You are more likely to lose cash or get a counterfeit bill back as change than have issues with either a debit or credit card. If you cannot trust cards, you cannot trust banks enough to have any accounts, and you will be paying all of your utility bills in cash.

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@Blackberry, I did not steal it. My father opened it for me as a joined account back when I was younger and had no bills to pay. But thank you for accusing me for theft and fraud, I really appreciate that.

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@Plone3000 When an unknown user comes online and asks for this type of information, it is only normal to think it is a scam. Who are you, anyway?

We have no way of knowing, and therefore, @Blackberry couldn’t possibly be accusing you of theft and fraud.

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