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Photo Quiztion2: Whadizzit!? [Details Inside].

Asked by rebbel (24988points) February 11th, 2013

I post a photo that I took.
Can you tell me what (you think) it is?
The winner wins!

I changed the photo to a new one, coz those first two Jellies immediately guessed the first one right…...!

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More specific: A croissant!

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Well, that’s not nice. Whatever it is, it’s decorative and white. Could be anything from a drinking glass to the hem of your lovely dress.

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Well done, both of you!
I guessed that one was too easy already…..

Here is the first pic, for those that want to see a close up of a croissant.

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Light from water reflecting on tiles.

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Toilet paper.

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I was going to say the same thing as @chyna.

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Angel Soft toilet paper.

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It is not toilet paper (although I like the dessin of the object to be made in to toilet paper).
No waterreflectedtilelight too.
It is white though.
And soft(ish).

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I didn’t get a “no” on the hem of your lovely dress.

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Is it a tablecloth? There appears to be some type of seam.

It kind of looks like a drawing or painting of something though…

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It’s either a net-curtain or Olive Oyl’s best knickers.

Berserker's avatar

i can’t stands, no mores!

ucme's avatar

Sit the fuck down then!

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I’ve seen that pattern on the side of a mattress and box spring.

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Curtains, with one of those little decorative additions at the top that I cannot think of the name of right now.

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When I first saw it, I thought mattress, like @Tropical_Willie.

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We have a winner!

Next task for you all is to guess who the winner is ;-)

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I’m sure it’s @Tropical_Willie. Looks like a mattress to me too.:-)

Am I right…uhn, uhn, uhn?!

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And again we have a winner!

@AmWiser got the winner of the photo, and @Tropical_Willie (and @dxs (and @AmWiser)) got the mattress!

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@rebbel Seems unfair to Chocolate & Seek though. You should award them croissants. (Or chocolate croissants.)

rebbel's avatar

@wildpotato Good point!
Here, chocolate croissants (have one yourself too!)!

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ThX @rebbel have seen the pattern before. Can you ship that croissant by e-mail ? ?

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@Tropical_Willie I’m sorry…., my chocolate croissants are approximately 40 Mb; Gmail only allows me to attach 25 Mb :-(

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Well I’ve got room on my end. . .

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Ooooh, chocolate croissants? Thanks!

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Damn, I thought it was fancy coffin lining!

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