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Who do you think is the most over- or underrated (or exactly correct rated) actor/actress to portray Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto in a future feature film about the trio of toons?

Asked by rebbel (25204points) February 11th, 2013

I think the question title is clear?!

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The woman who just played Eleanor Roosevelt in “Hyde Park on Hudson” – Olivia Williams – is a shoo-in for Olive Oyl.

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Ha ha ha ha haa…..

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How far in the future? Looking at child actors:

Olive Oyl – That’s the easy one: Abigail Breslin from Little Miss Sunshine.
Popeye – Atticus Schaffer, that really annoying kid on The Middle.
Bluto – Rico Rodriguez, the kickass kid from The Foot Fist Way – but he’s more well known for Modern Family, probably.

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@janbb Nice one! “Your actress reminded me of her, she could be an Olive too.

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Damn man, what’s all this Popeye craze all about, lately?

I denno. But @rojo explained that all the characters are depictions of Norse gods, which I’m still all holy shit about.

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“Av teken all aye can stands, aye can’t stands no more!”

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@ucme…wow, I’ve been a Simpsons fan for like, 200 years, and I never got that… in one episode, Homer goes into outer space, and has to train first. He’s in some gravity machine that spins really fast, then all of a sudden his chin goes all big and looks like a butt, like Popeye’s chin, and he says that…I can’t stands no mores! I had always wondered wtf it was a reference of lol. (my initial guess was some lame politician from the eighties)

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@Symbeline There ya go!
You learn something new every fucking day :¬)

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danny devito as poopeye, some random wrestler as brutus and a random prostitute from the streets of thailand for olive oil.

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No one could be more perfect than Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl! She would be too old now, but man she was great! I need to think on a replacement…
For Popeye Lee Evans He definitely has the physical comedic talent. I love the intro cartoon on the youtube video. He’s not well known in the US so I guess he qualifies as underrated. :)
Jack Black as Bluto-give him some steroids and a personal trainer, lol, but otherwise he has the perfect look.

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@Earthgirl Ha, your Lee Evans link replicates the Shelley Duvall one, luckily I know who he is & he’s a great choice, very expressive face & funny as hell.
As for Shelley, after I saw her in the role I never watched The Shining in the same way, funny dat.

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Oops! @ucme , thanks for telling me about the bad llink.
Here is the Lee Evans video for those who might want to see it.
What is the consensus on Robin Williams as Popeye? I thought he overplayed it a little. Is it possible to overplay a cartoon character??

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Personally I think Williams did a competent job, but the movie itself stunk.
A serious critique in a question that was no more than a piss-take…who knew?

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@ucme I meant it to be that, but I hope(d) it would come across as a friendly/cheeky one.
If I really pissed someone off I sincerely apologize; I am normally not the person to be hostile towards Fellies.

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@rebbel If anyone was pissed at it then they really should know better.

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@ucme That would be my view on it too.

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@rebbel I think it’s all good,lol. I got the reference but not sure if you know who did. He hasn’t piped in yet. I think he has a sense of humor. He may not know you but he’ll catch on.

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I’m certain the guy got it, it was about as subtle as a brick…surprised he didn’t join in though.

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