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Would anyone care to recommend a reputable online tax service?

Asked by Blondesjon (33974points) February 11th, 2013

I am going to file my taxes online for the first time and would like to know which site I can trust with all of that personal information.

cheap helps too

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I always use Turbotax and have found them easy to use, reliable and safe.

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Here is a review of the top ten. I would not be uncomfortable with any of the top 4.

I use TurboTax.

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Well, hey. My rec is Numbah one!

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I use Turbo Tax and find it easy to use and reliable.

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I used Turbo-Tax for the last six years.

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We’ve used Turbo-Tax since it was invented. We love how simple and quick it is.

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@WestRiverrat I agree that TurboTax is very good, but keep in mind that your review site appears to be funded or associated with TurboTax, so naturally, it would come out on top.
The review should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Turbotax has a good reputation.

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I was not happy with Turbo Tax, they missed a pretty good deduction that could upped my refund substantially, as a result I am having to refile that year’s taxes. The IRS website has links to free tax programs that can be used by anyone making less then a certain amount of money. Last year and this year I went with one from the IRS site called eSmart Tax and have been very happy. FYI, when they say free, they mean free, the only thing I paid for was to prepare my state return.

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I’ve used for over a decade and have always been pleased. They are the folks who originally wrote TurboTax.

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I just finished filing. It’s my first time online because of my fear of transmitting sensitive data electronically. It went well enough that, barring any monumental fuck ups on my part, next year I will just file via the IRS for free.

Thanks for all the outstanding help.

can’t say who i used. a boy doesn’t file and tell.

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I’ve used Turbo Tax and H&R Block online. Both good.

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