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Have you made your final plans? Another question about death and dying.

Asked by rojo (21960points) February 12th, 2013

Have made plans for what is done with your mortal remains after your demise? In the words of Python, are you a burner or a burier, or an eater?

But seriously, have you given it any thought?
Have you chosen burial or cremation?
Do you have a cemetery plot already?
Have you chosen a funeral home?
What kind of service or memorial do you want?
Fancy high dollar casket or cheap wooden box?
Who or how is it going to be paid for?
Have you told others?
Who knows or who will make certain that your wishes are followed?
Do you have a living will?
Is it all in writing somewhere?

You may not really care because hey, you’re dead, but someone will have to make these decisions for you if you do not and while you have the easy part, just lying there looking all pale and pasty white, they are having to deal with the emotional upheaval that you just died AND try to second guess what you would have done.

Do them a favor, make the hard choices so they can just grieve!

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