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Best practices for notebook information density?

Asked by muhammajelly (552points) February 12th, 2013

There are high-density scribblings (think Mentaculus in A Serious Man) and low-density scribblings (think “Will not be graded by number of pages.” when actually “Teacher is damn lying lire telling lies.”) If there is no one to show your scribbling to which is most productive? Does larger or smaller page size help? How about college vs wide rule vs graph paper vs blank vs…?

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It all depends on you – your handwriting, your note-taking technique, what you write down during a lecture to be able to remember the content later, your thought processes, how well you understand the material, and your learning style.

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First: I have no idea what you just said.

Secondly: You have a QR code for an avatar on Fluther, yet still using notebook and pen for notes?

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I’d say graphing paper may work for more precise, artistic doodling, if that’s what you’re asking. But my doodles are fine on my college-ruled paper.

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@gambitking “You have a QR code for an avatar on Fluther, yet still using notebook and pen for notes?” <—I am a good marksman but I still prefer to bludgeon people on my knees using a large rock I raise over my head with both hands.

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To first bludgeon with a rock one must first choose what rock one must pick.

I would apply the same methodology to picking a notebook.

Or just try various ones until you find one you like.

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@rosehips This is an interesting assumption—that I will like the most productive one. I also don’t have the same time constraints for this decision as my rock decisions. Ideally I would need to grab a rock within half a fathom but I have no such requirements in other situations.

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@muhammajelly well if you don’t like the most productive one, will it really be productive?

Since you will be rating your productivity it then becomes subjective. If you don’t like the format will you not be less likely to use it?

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@muhammajelly soooo then, a minimalist nostalgic sadist.

got it

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