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Magically, you are transformed into a great athlete - pick your sport and position?

Asked by zensky (13418points) February 12th, 2013

Why’d you choose that?

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Figure skater—amateur competitive.

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Jimmy Johnson- NASCAR Super star!

I like to drive really fast, and since my record is perfect, I feel that I’m good at it.

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Mountain Climber – Somewhere near the top of Everest; on the way down.

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Porn star.

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Sprinter (track and field) – False start

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Either figure skater or gymnast. I always felt like those two types of athlete were in the best physical condition.

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Javelin thrower.

Seems like it would be useful during the Zombie Apocalypse after the ammunition runs out.

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I want to be a boxer, and I want to be the striker on the Badminton team.~

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I’m going commando, too. Right in the middle of the street!

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Tour de France Cyclist – Team Captain and Mountain Stage Leader, winner of L’Alpe d’Huez and Tourmalet.

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Baseball. Shortstop.

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Two Man Luge : Bottom
Why the hell not?!

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Track and field. Javelin catcher. I saw a guy do this this Summer. I wondered how they measured the distance on that one. Do they give the thrower a foot or two since his chest stopped it a fwe feet off the ground? Or do they do it at point of impact?
Otherwise I want to be Usain Bolt.

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I’d be an Olympic Track cyclist for the mighty team GB

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Roller Derby. It’s gonna happen!

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Jockey. I’ve ridden all my life but would love to feel the high of bolting from the gate at the start of a race with 1,200 lbs. of hardcore athletic horseflesh between my legs. lol

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Sport: Golf. Position: Not the caddy.

If you’re a great golfer you can play into your middle-age. You run little risk of debilitating injuries. And you travel from one beautiful venue to the next.

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Swimming. Backstroke.

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Martial arts. Preferably Wushu or Muay Thai Kickboxing. Position; legend. I’d hold my loincloth with a rope. Or some fucker’s spine. I’d live out in the wilderness, training against rabid bears and lightning storms. My only time out in the public would be to participate in tournaments, and have all the judges bow their heads in shame at me, as I mercilessly killed all the opponents with my eyes closed.

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Show jumper or cross country horse rider, I don’t enjoy many sports but I love horses so this seems like an obvious choice for me. Plus I already have some horseriding skills so hopefully it would come naturally to me.

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@Leanne1986 My old horse was an ex roper and a foundation quarter horse named ” Little Ruby Jewels Regis,” barn name ” Budgie”.
He was SO FAST after being a header horse that needed the speed for breaking the line.
The slightest shift of your weight forward in the saddle was his que to launch like the scud missile. haha
I once let a friends husband ride him, and he took him down my driveway and when he turned him around, and urged him to go he came galloping up my driveway at light speed, white as a ghost and exclaimed, ” now that is a horse!” lol
He had never ridden a finely trained “real” horse, only slog along on the trail,bored out of their mind, rental horses.

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@Coloma Sounds like a spirited chap! Great name too :)

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