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How unholy, how simple, pedestrian and human is the Pope - quitting because he is feeling old and decrepit?

Asked by zensky (13357points) February 12th, 2013

This, by definition, should be the end of the Church and the Holy See. What, pray tell, is Holy about it?

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Golly gee, @zensky. You got a point there. What could they be thinking? This is surely the end of the Catholic Church. Let’s set up a looting team!~

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LOL This is gonna be good.

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At risk of being modded for flame-bait…

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” – Phil 4:13

Pope cites lack of strength for historic resignation – Fox News

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I wonder if his pension will go straight into his paypal account…hmmm.

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He was a poor choice for a Pope. Not one to meet the demands of his position in this day and age. This is not the first time the Catholic Church did something so easy to criticize and make fun of. At least he did not leave after an Inquisition, torturing unbelievers. He did help save a crusade of pedophile priests. Maybe his conscience got the better of him. That is not such a bad thing.

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A better thing would be to say “I’m quitting because I’m a pedophile-sheltering slimeball who doesn’t deserve to live, and I’m going to spend the rest of my days seeking forgiveness that I haven’t earned.” – instead of blaming it all on being “tired”.

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All that marching when I was a youth

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Okay, not the Q for me today…lol

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I hope you’re trying to start something. I’ll get an extra large popcorn with double butter to read this one later.

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Haha, there was a picture circulating of a lightning bolt hitting the dome. Funny stuff!

I’m snuggling up with @CWOTUS. And I brought even more butter.

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@zensky Yeah. My first thought on hearing that he was stepping down was of the books I’ve read about and by nuns (or ex-nuns) and how often (and to what degree) they are asked to sacrifice their own wants and needs, and any sense of self or personal judgment for what god has asked of them, whatever that may be. It makes me sad that the pope is not held to the same standard, either by himself or by his office, and I wonder what those in the lower orders think of this.

As a result, it has occurred to me that he may believe that stepping down is a service to the church – there may be something a-brewing (aside from the accusations we already know about) that he is trying to protect it from. But I don’t respect Ratzinger enough to think that is actually the case.

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We have only been told the public reason. Remember, the Pope is the direct voice of God, and therefore, God has spoken.

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Oh, wow. I’m just snuggling up with @WillWorkForChocolate… and the world can go to hell, for all I care.

Gosh, it pretty much already has, hasn’t it?

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@YARNLADY So god is resigning as well?

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@XOIIO More like when the boss says “You’re fired.”

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@fundevogel – That is so full of win.

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Resigning was a courageous and honorable thing to do. And he no doubt is a very intelligent and erudite person. But he totally failed using his great intellect to make the world a better one. He headed the only organization with one billion member where human rights violations are part of its doctrine (discrimination of women). He never apologized for setting up a system of covering up sexual abuse.

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