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Where do I buy good ceiling lamps for my office?

Asked by millie (45points) February 12th, 2013

We are looking for lamps that hang off of the ceiling, with good diffusers so people sitting at different angles from them are not blinded by the bulbs. Many thanks!

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Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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@millie I don’t have a good shopping tip for light fixtures, but I admire your consideration for the staff. Seeing bare bulbs in badly designed fixtures is one of my pet peeves about office space I have worked in.

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First you might want to read up a little bit on light diffusers to see what kind of diffuser/lamp might work for your office. Then you can go just about anywhere that sells office lighting products, either in person or online and simply describe the situation (including your budget).

You might want to check out UltraLux

GE Lighting

Here’s a very attractive diffused office light fixture from Stardust Modern and it’s only $60.

Here’s another nice looking light fixture from Lighting Universe for $78. It’s made by Lithonia Lighting model 11692RE.

Here is a selection of LED office light fixtures that might be better than fluorescent lighting with regards to bulb life.

And here is a standard indirect fluorescent fixture from the same company as the LED’s.

Finelite makes some good looking commercial products.

Or Phi lighting

Good luck!

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Another place to check out would be Lamps Plus. If you’re looking for unique, they’ve got it! Also, and actually sell light fixtures, too. Customer reviews and product descriptions should give you an idea as to which products are reliable and most suited to your needs. :)

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