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Reasons to be cheerful - Part One?

Asked by janbb (51205points) February 12th, 2013

Ok – I’m in my eighth day of a sinus/coughy/coldy thingy and feeling very February. I want my Mommy – or at least, a Mommy. I know this will pass but in the meantime, can you cheer me up a bit?

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Look out, jan, behind you!!!!!!

Just kidding, there’s nothing there…

(Or is there???)

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Oh – it’s Fidel Castro! Give me a hug, you great big beautiful dictator!

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1. You came through the big snowstorm fine.
2. You have bunches of friends online and in real life.
3. You recently went to England and not so long ago France.
4. Now that you’ve seen your doctor, you are going to feel better fast.

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@marinelife YAY!! And a hug for you too!

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@janbb Thanks!
@rebbel I’ll take one from you too if you’re passing them out.

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Here, jan!
Here, marine!

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Ah @rebbel – you’re the best!!

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Just got another reason to be cheerful.

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1. Daffodils
2. Chocolate chip cookies
3. the moon in the sky
4. clouds
5. It’s only a cold and will go away.

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@Sunny2 And friends. Thanks!

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Girl Scout cookies went on sale over the weekend, so prescribe your self a box of Thin Mints.

The days are getting longer now!

p.s. no hugs while you’re infectious!

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@zenvelo They are on order! Good thinking!

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Having your nose in a good book.

Am I really the first to say that? ;)

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Here’s my take – as I suffer along with you. I bought a bottle of Champagne to celebrate New Year’s, but I was in my first battle with sinus infection, on medication. I decided to save it for my birthday, but I no sooner got over the first bout when I became re-infected. So now, I have a wonderful bottle of Champagne waiting for me.

Buy yourself something to look forward to.

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@glacial Reading “The Light between Oceans” when I can.

@YARNLADY More like a friend I am looking forward to seeing when we are both well.

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1. Fluther
2. steamy showers
3. fluffy bath towels
4. eternal pictures of cuddly kittens (also known as Facebook)
5. books to re-read starting with T.S. Eliot or maybe something lighter like Christopher Moore (Fool)

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Dow Jones breaks 14K
The sun will come up tomorrow

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Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

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Jellies and Penguins!

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I don’t, to my knowledge, have cancer.

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Thanks all – I woke up feeling somewhat better today and am going to work!

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The economy is improving.

Dunno about you, but it makes me happy.

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@burntbonez please see @ucme ‘s response immediately above.
We do not want to start a panic.

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Not sure how that would cause a panic, but mum’s the word!

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I’m in your future @janbb – It’s a beautiful day ahead. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Lots to look forward to.

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1. Orange juice

2. Good books (both FACTual and FICTION)

3. Kittens

4. Breasts

Not necessarily in that order.

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@FutureMemory You speak truth from diction.

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This thread alone is reason enough. I know I’m more cheerful now, having read it. Hope you feel better soon, penguin!

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Getting there slowly. Just kind of down in the dumps about life right now.

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{hugs and smooches}

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Ooh baby – that’swhat I want!

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Have someone bring over some books by Rosamunde Pilcher, especially Winter Soltice

Have someone bring you a bowl of This Soup. When I make it, I increase the amount of vinegar from 2 to 6 Tablespoons, makes all the difference.

Watch this Bill Engvall video.

Or my favorite short Dog Video

Spend some time looking at cuties on This Website

Watch this video of one of my all time favorite cartoon episodes from Ren and Stimpy called Space Madness

Or this Chuck Jones gem One Froggy Evening

Have someone make you a steaming cup of This

Listen to Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130

Gaze upon This

Hope you feel better soon : )

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Sometimes I just have to make a gratitude list of all the things that don’t hurt. I start with my hair. Ear lobes usually come next. If I can’t list both knees, I list one.

At one time or another (or so it seems), just about everything I’ve got has hurt, so I’m able to notice when it doesn’t. This can feel like a blessing when I pay attention.

I’ve also come in time to the feeling that the older I get, the fewer things there are that aren’t funny. No, some things are never going to be funny, but a surprising number of things that I used to be so serious about have their comical side. Geriatric sex, for one. Hell, sometimes I can get the giggles just looking at people’s noses.

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My number 3 grandson came for a visit today. He and his partner have moved to a town only one hour drive from here – from the 8 hour drive it used to be. I love when all my grandchildren (except one) are together at my house.

I have the two little ones all week for spring break.

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It’s nearly Easter. We get four days off work (well I do). My son (19) phoned me to ask ‘what are we doing for Easter Mum? Are we having a family BBQ’. It was lovely that he was thinking in this way and looking forward to just doing ‘the family thing’. Very sweet.

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