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Perfect plans for you weekend VS reality?

Asked by Crumpet (1785points) February 12th, 2013

Do you ever make plans for the weekend only for them to always go horribly wrong?

This is my perfect plan:

Wake up nice and early, and have a nice fried breakfast.
Then go to the bookies and have a bet on the football scores.
Get my bike and meet up with my friends, have a nice 20 mile ride out into the country side.
Stop off at a country pub and have a nice pub lunch. Usually beef, mash, roast potatoes, veg, yorkshire pudding and a sausage with a ton of gravy all over it.
Then we’ll sit in the beer garden in the sunshine have a few beers and check the football results, only to find out my bet came through and i won quite a bit of money!
Cycle back into town, buy some new clothes with my winnings, grab a coffee and head home for dinner.
Get showered, put my new clothes on and meet back up with my friends.
Hit the bars and clubs, then towards the end of the night meet a hot girl, take her back to my place, have sex.
Then in the morning she has already called herself a taxi, and not stolen anything.

When in reality…

Sleep through my alarm. No bacon, gonna have to have cornflakes.
Put my bets on.
Meet up with my friends, cycle into the countryside.
Get a puncture about 10 miles in, have to fix it at the side of the road. Get soaked by a car going through a puddle whilst I’m fixing the puncture.
Get to the country pub NO BEEF LEFT!
Check the football scores didn’t win my bet.
Cycle home in the rain.
Have dinner, meet back up with my friends and hit the bars.
Get punched in the back of the head for no reason in a club, get angry about it and get really really drunk.
Wake up in the morning on the floor next to my bed in all my clothes, soaking wet because i was so drunk that i pissed myself.

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That was thoroughly entertaining to read, I must say.

My perfect weekend would probably be pretty boring to most people.

Saturday: Sleep until 9 or 10. Get up, get ready. Get some iHop breakfast with my husband. Drive around and get lost for awhile. Eventually get some lunch – where depends on my mood. Go out with a couple of friends, doesn’t really matter where. Catch a movie with some delicious popcorn and chocolate covered raisins after dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. Head home, play with the puppy and kitty for awhile, then off to bed.

Sunday: Sleep in again. Stay in my PJs, watch movies, and eat junk food all day.

I’ve had actual weekends like that, but they mostly consist of cleaning the house, sitting around being bored, grocery shopping, and hitting the McDonalds drive-thru.

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I can’t complain about my weekends one bit these days; I guess if I were going for “perfect” they would involve a lot less school work, but it doesn’t really bother me. I do a lot of work during the days and in the evenings I indulge in all sorts of wonderful fun. I’ve actually been enjoying some pretty damn hedonistic weekends lately, which is totally new for me. Trying to live in the present more, and it’s paying off.

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Great question, @Crumpet.

My perfect weekend day would include…

Waking up early without setting an alarm.
Fried breakfast!
Going to a bookstore, record store, cafe, or garden for a walk.
Cooking a nice lunch, watching a movie or playing a video game while eating.
Do some chores around the house or go grocery shopping, then make dinner.
Meeting up with friends or a date at a bar in the evening. Maybe going to a concert.
Having sex with someone nice.

A typical weekend day:
-Would like to sleep in because I’m sleep deprived, but I’ll start getting anxious about everything I have to do this weekend.
-Eating something simple and fast, like toast, or leftovers.
-Not taking a shower and getting dressed until after lunch because I want to put off doing work because it’s all I did the previous night.
-Doing work in an intensive burst for 5–6 hours, taking breaks in between to do laundry and the dishes.
-Eating dinner while watching a half hour sitcom, because watching a movie would make me feel guilty for not working more.
-Working more, until I realize that the bars are about to close and I will feel like a tool if I don’t leave the house once today.
-Getting too drunk at 1 am because I don’t know anyone at the bar, I’m lonely but want to be around people, and I’m not going to get laid.

My weekends were much more enjoyable back in college. I worked harder than anyone I knew, but I also had plenty of friends to rescue me when I went into a bookish coma. Also, sex.

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I am married, I don’t get weekends, I get honeydolists.

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Sleep til I wake up naturally. Fix myself a southern breakfast.

Take a bath go skiing with a couple buds. Hit a sushi bar.

Take a shower read and write a bit.

Listen to some live music at the coffee house chat up a few people. Find someone to talk to all night at denny’s. Fall into bed between 5 and 7.

Wake up and do yoga. Eat ice cream with cardamon and nutmeg and cinnamon and mangoes and strawberries and hot cocoa for breakfast. While watching something light hearted and fun. Cuddling with my cat.

Write a little, take a walk with a friend chatting and playing with the camera, laughing at “my new love”

Get a call for a dinner from the mr I chatted up. We eat italian. Chatting as we wander around barnes and noble.


Housesitting and animal watching. Researching places I can eat in WA and making reservations. Paper work. Birthday party for a friend which I have to shop for.

Preparing for my upcoming week.

Knitting hitting the gym tanning bn with a friend.

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My perfect weekends involve not having to run errands, since the rest of the population is out doing their own errands. Living in a very densely populated area is a nuisance, much of the time. We both have very long commutes, so we try to avoid driving on the weekends, unless there’s a concert or play we’re going to.

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What is a weekend?

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