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Is it common to get a headache after a CT scan or x-ray?

Asked by Aethelwine (41343points) February 12th, 2013

I ask because I’ve had 4 CT scans and 5 x-rays over the past 6 months, and after each test I developed a headache that lasted for the remainder of the day.

It doesn’t worry me, so there is no need to call the doctor. This just has me curious and wondering if it’s something that happens to others.

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It could be caused by tension and anxiety and once the scan is over your body is no longer processing adrenalin to get you through it.

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Had several of both never bothered me that way. But hospital stays can do that to you.

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No. People who get much much more radiation would not feel the effects at the time or just after the test.

I think it is probably anxiety and tension also. Or, possibly the position you were in if you typically need a pillow to support your neck when you lie down. But, I am assuming the CT took less than a minute, maybe total you were lying down a few minutes.

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I have never had that happen. I would ask your doctor about it.

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Never happened to me and I’ve had plenty of each. Did you get claustrophobic in the CT? Anxious in general about the procedures?

Everything okay?

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I was anxious during most of the procedures. It was a long process of finding out what was on my right lung. A few tests in the beginning showed a high probability of being malignant, but after two biopsies it was confirmed to be histoplasmosis. I had a 3 month follow up x-ray in October. My doctor was a bit concerned with the x-ray, so he ordered a follow up CTscan with contrast 3 months later. That CTscan was yesterday and that’s when I realized I developed a headache after every test. I have definitely been stressed during this ordeal.

They aren’t terrible headaches. This is why I’m not too concerned that I would need to call my doctor. I found a few other people this has happened to during an online search, so I was just curious if it happened to anyone here at Fluther. I feel fine, I’m only curious. :)

I get migraines with aura. I’m thinking the tests could have possibly triggered a minor migraine? just thinking out loud

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Well glad to hear it is fixable. I hope you found the source of your infection. Take care of yourself.

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