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What about female serial killers? (read details)

Asked by this_velvet_glove (1142points) February 13th, 2013

I was reading something about serial killers, and how they murdered their victims, and started wondering: aren’t there any female serial killers? How do male serial killers ‘prefer’ to murder their victims, and how do female killers murder their victims? I’ve heard/read stories about men, but not so much about women.
(it would be great if you could give me information about this based on real murders, true stories, etc)

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Serial killers are typically male, there aren’t a lot of female serial killers. Most of the female serial killers use drugs or poisons to take out the people they kill.The last one I recall was a woman living in Florida, but I don’t remember her name. Let me look a bit.
Got it: Aileen Wuornus. Killed 7 guys in FL. 1 other somewhere else.

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Oops it might be Wuornos.

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Would the Manson family girls qualify? Charlie didn’t kill anyone in the Tate or LaBianca homes. It was his clan, which was mostly girls, mostly.

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I lived on one of Aileen Wuornos’ murder-routes. ^_^

There are many female serial killers. There’s a great book called Mistresses of Mayhem which covers the big ones in encyclopaedia-like format.

Women typically use impersonal and non-bloody means to kill their victims: Poison, drowning… but they can also be incredibly cruel, taking years to starve their own daughters to death, while leaving them chained and bound in a closet.

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If you off your family does that qualify as a serial killer?

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@Adirondackwannabe I guess it depends on how many of them you do away with.

How many does it take to be considered a serial killer anyway?

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Here is an interesting site regarding female SKs’

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@rojo I guess that depends on the typical size of families in your area. And I think for the victims, 1 is enough.

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@filmfann I believe that the Manson incidents are classified as spree killing, not serial murder. The brutality erupted quickly and ended just as abruptly.

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I think that we need more female serial killers. Right now the percentages are horrible – 99% male, 1% female. I think that if women want true gender equality, they should be just as craven and violent as men. Otherwise they will continue to be considered “the weaker sex”.

And men should be encouraging women to become serial killers. Right now, when you hear about a mass murderer, you think “Probably a guy”. That paints ALL men with a stigma. If women took on more of the serial killing responsibilities, then men would not be stereotyped as serial killers, and it would raise the general consciousness of citizens that anyone – not just men – can kill bunches of people.

What is required is a mass movement – a grass roots initiative – to enlist more women as killers and thereby achieve true equality with men. I even have a name for it— “Shooting for Equality”

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@elbanditoroso hahaha okay, that was an amazing answer, I’m still laughing :D

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@Adirondackwannabe I think they call that mass murder (which in the Netherlands gets the sugar coated name ‘familiedrama’).

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@Adirondackwannabe A couple of women appear to have had or adopted children solely for the purpose of murdering them. I would qualify that as serial killing.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I would agree with that one. Planning something so elaborate qualifies.

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There was Dorothy Puente in Sacramento who rented out rooms to older boarders. She buried nine in her front yard.

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Aileen Wuornos is my favorite. That was one crazy bitch. She was executed in the early 2000’s. If you’re not familiar with her, watch the movie Monster with Charlize Theron. It’s a great film.

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Am I the only one who’s think of the Yin/Yang saga in Psych? Good stuff right there.

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Belle Gunness was another one. Pretty interesting reading.

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The two most infamous/evil here in Britain were Myra Hindley & Rose West, although they acted with their prospective partners in abducting/murdering children.

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Elizabeth Bathory – She has been labeled the most prolific female serial killer in history

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Mary Bell killed two boys, one when she was 10 the other when she was 11.

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Britain’s first serial killer.
My grandma had a little rhyme… “Mary Ann Cotton, she’s dead & she’s rotten.”

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@zenvelo: That wasn’t the story that Arsenic and Old Lace was based on… was it???

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@bookish1 Arsenic and Old Lace was based on Amy Archer-Gilligan

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Ma Barker headed a family of criminals.. she died in a raid machine gun in her hand.

Ilse Koch was tried fr mass murder and sentenced to life in prison. She used prisoners as target practice and cause Jewish prisoners to be shot by sun bathing nude in front of them. Any one who looked was gunned down. She also started skinning humans and using their body parts to decorate with.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory she bathed and drank in the blood of peasants and virgins convinced she would retain her youth. She was accused of murdering more then 600 women and children.

Ruth Ellis was the last woman to be hung in Britain. She only killed one man but she shot him 6 times.

Brenda Spencer a teen shot the janitor and principal wounded 9 children and a policeman. Because she hated Mondays.

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Female serial killers are noted as early as 1560. Elizabeth Bathory, for one was a Countess. Her victims were young females, which she enjoyed torturing, beating and dismembering for her own sexual gratification. When in a frenzy she would bite chunks out of her live victims before slowly killing them and becoming aroused by this. The numbers ran into hundreds who died at her hands. There are so many female serial killers it would take pages and pages to note them all down.

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Thank you jellies :)
wow there’s interesting stuff here

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