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Am I normal because I prefer Startup Companies rather than Corporation?

Asked by frustrated_designer (20points) February 13th, 2013

I’ve been in software industry for 10+ years, the only problem is I’ve been suffering major depression every time I landed a corporate jobs. But every time I work on startup companies I’ve been like a rockstar where I can do my best and work on 10 hours or more and do my best. Compare to working on corporations i feel so fatigue and tired and so uncreative. I started to wonder , do I have a personality problem, the reason I ask this is because my wife told me that I have an abnormal personality on choosing unstable and risky companies rather than having a stable job on corporations. It bothers me because it had reached the point that she’s not talking to me anymore. I felt even more depressed about it. Thanks any help will do. sob!!!

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Some people thrive in the wearing of many hats and the chaos that is startups. I found it very heady for years when I was in my prime, I am finally at an age where I do not like working that many hours a week but I still consult for startups, which gives me a vicarious thrill.

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i would like startups too, if you don’t have any pressure you cant maximise you efforts and show your capabilities. established entities do not facilititate some sort of competition where by you have to prove yourself. Startups would possibly make you a hero and finally posses this great experience to even inherit to your own entity.

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Makes sense to me. I could never work for a corporation. I always worked for weird organizations that were small and dedicated to some purpose other than just making money.

The problem is your wife. She wants stability and seems not to care about your happiness as much as she wants to feel safe. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for this, having to do with her history and psychology. Maybe she grew up in a broken home.

Corporations are usually soul killers. Some people can stand the pressure and the death of the soul, others can’t. My wife had her personality slowly withered away until she was a husk of herself in twenty years in a corporation. Other people love corporations. Different strokes, you know.

You are not abnormal. Just different. If your wife can’t stand it, this is a marriage problem, not a job problem. She needs to love and support you and understand that if you work for a corporation, you will be miserable to live with. She’ll have money and benefits, but you will be soulless at home and depressed and irritable. I hope that’s not what she wants.

She has to support you doing work you love. If she can’t do that, then you are destined for a miserable marriage. You may be facing a choice: miserable you or miserable her or miserable marriage. If that is the case, I don’t know what to tell you, but these are the kinds of things you can’t really know before you get married. Hopefully she can change and support you. Otherwise, your marriage should probably not go on.

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@frustrated_designer Hey, welcome to Fluther, Mr. Normal.

Actually, you are normal. Start-ups and entrepreneurs generate the bulk of new jobs in America today. Big corporations, meanwhile, are relentlessly driving to transfer all burden and cost to others and just make pure profit, which flows mainly to the top management and big investors. Are you normal? Ask yourself, what part of getting f###ed over is it I don’t like? Every part of it, if you have any sense.

So welcome to Fluther. You’re normal. Now that wife you’ve got, I’m not so sure about her. ~

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Personally, I refuse to work for any company were I don’t get to personally know the owner, there is no thanks or appreciation in a big company, the pay is always worse, and it is always run by a Nazi of some kind.

If a company has more than 100 employees, I just won’t work for them. Small companies all the way.

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Instead of worrying about yourself and why you are the way you are, you might ask your wife what about it is an issue for her. You don’t need to beat yourself up but maybe there is a solution that allows you to work the way you like best and her to get her needs met too.

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I work for a major corporation, too, they just suck the creativity right out of your soul.

I get it, be happy and if you love what you do, consider yourself lucky. :)

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thanks guys I appreciate your answers.

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@frustrated_designer Good luck with your career. If you weren’t already working for a small company and if your skills were in Web development, you’re just the kind of person I’d hire in a heartbeat.

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yes i’m in web and software development, my roles range from user experience and interaction design to software architecture and development. I’m currently damaged right now because of this incident and haven’t recover my previous relationship with my wife. Unlike working with software and products, working with relationship is tougher and needs great amount of patience and I’m thanking you all to your support.

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@frustrated_designer I know how to fix lots of things. That’s not one. I wish you fair winds and following seas in your journey.

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